Geotag, Family, Gah!

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Spent a good chunk of the morning geotagging photos.  Then we went out for lunch and ended up spending all afternoon visiting Stu's various siblings, firstly at Kerry's, then at Annie and Stu's new house.  Was a nice afternoon, but it really cut into the time I'd planned to geotag today.  Going to be extra busy tomorrow!

New house
Annie in the kitchen
Violet is 16 months, Immy is three and a half...    !!!
Violet and Immy
Birthday cake for Stu (and me)
Then did our food shopping, and then Stu spent an hour and a half cooking dinner.  It was pretty good.

Stu cooking dinner
Stu's dinner
A year ago today we left Tokyo and flew to London!


shinydragon said:

Cute photo of Stu and the cake awwww!

September 4, 2011 12:16 PM


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