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Had a couple of very small wins today in an otherwise unproductive day :/

It would be over the hump, but tomorrow I'm oncall for a week.. hrmm

Moving on with the old news.  This was from July as well.  My first attempt at a caramel slice - one of my favourite sweet treats.  The recipe needs some refining - the biscuit base was too thick and too hard, the caramel was a bit grainy, and the chocolate layer was way too thick and solid.  But Stu liked it :)

Caramel slice
A year ago today we left Osaka and headed back to Tokyo, spending time in Akihabara and going to a maid cafe for Stu's birthday.  This year it ended with a migraine.. poor sweetie *cuddles*

So yesterday was less than 2000 steps: the furthest I walked was just outside to photograph the house and flowers.

The cherry blossoms are about to burst.  I thought it would be cool to have another Hanami party this year - who wants to come? :)
Cherry buds
Purple bell things
Purple bells

The rest of the weekend (apart from a trip up Mount Taylor) was spent geotagging photos.  Do you have *any idea* how hard it is to accurately geotag photos taken from trains??

So it was a year ago last night that we took off for the UK.  Our first day was a bit of a waste of a day, flying all night, then arriving in the morning and catching a train to Osaka.  Extremely hot, so didn't do much, just had some lunch before checking in, then a rest, then heading out again for dinner and having a fun time in Nanba, Osaka.  I've updated the blog entry with some pictures here.

Mount Taylor

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Keep fit challenge of the weekend: Mount Taylor!

Crimson rosellas nesting in bird boxes
Nest boxes
Mount Taylor Walking Track sign
Mount Taylor reserve sign
Trig station at the top of Mount Taylor
Trig station
Trig Station silhouette
Trig station sillouette

Magpie having a bird bath in a dog-watering bowl
Magpie having a bath in a dog watering bowl
That same magpie
And again - magpie jump!
Magpie jump
Back again for another bath
Magpie having a bath in a dog watering bowl
Canberra from Mount Taylor
Canberra from Mount Taylor
Mount Stromlo from Mount Taylor
Mount Stromlo from Mount Taylor
Chris could probably tell me what this is..
Bird of prey

Day three of our London wanderings.  477 photos geotagged today.

London Wandering

Had leftover lamb roast for dinner tonight (leftovers from Saturday night - had Kat over for dinner).  Been anxious for the better part of today and this evening.  Stoopid stressful work :(  Need to remember to stay calm, otherwise I'll end up with high blood pressure like last time it was this stressful at work :(

Home, Sick

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Home from a quick trip to Sydney which will get its own post soon.  In the meantime, I've come down with a cold (woke up this morning with a runny nose).  Feeling pretty crappy tonight.  Will see how I feel in the morning, but not the best ending to my day ever...
Had a work trivia night tonight.  We were down on numbers this time, and a couple of people dropped out at the last minute, so had to do some last minute scrambling.  Ended up with seven on the table plus Neil (Me, Chris H, Windy, Duncan A, Lyn&Peter and Steve).  

And did remarkably well - winning the "mega round" - which we didn't think we would, and coming second over all!

(of course coming second is the best place to come - as you don't get pressured to organise the next trivia night ;) )
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