The weekend that was

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So yesterday was less than 2000 steps: the furthest I walked was just outside to photograph the house and flowers.

The cherry blossoms are about to burst.  I thought it would be cool to have another Hanami party this year - who wants to come? :)
Cherry buds
Purple bell things
Purple bells

The rest of the weekend (apart from a trip up Mount Taylor) was spent geotagging photos.  Do you have *any idea* how hard it is to accurately geotag photos taken from trains??

So it was a year ago last night that we took off for the UK.  Our first day was a bit of a waste of a day, flying all night, then arriving in the morning and catching a train to Osaka.  Extremely hot, so didn't do much, just had some lunch before checking in, then a rest, then heading out again for dinner and having a fun time in Nanba, Osaka.  I've updated the blog entry with some pictures here.


shinydragon said:


August 30, 2011 9:35 AM


Kazza the Blank One said:

Let's do it :)
Either next weekend or the weekend after would probably be good... (this weekend might be a *tad* early, but there's already some flowers open so chances are there'll be lots by the weekend). Depends on family lunches and stuff.... when are you free?

August 30, 2011 5:39 PM


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