Over the hump.. sort of..

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Had a couple of very small wins today in an otherwise unproductive day :/

It would be over the hump, but tomorrow I'm oncall for a week.. hrmm

Moving on with the old news.  This was from July as well.  My first attempt at a caramel slice - one of my favourite sweet treats.  The recipe needs some refining - the biscuit base was too thick and too hard, the caramel was a bit grainy, and the chocolate layer was way too thick and solid.  But Stu liked it :)

Caramel slice
A year ago today we left Osaka and headed back to Tokyo, spending time in Akihabara and going to a maid cafe for Stu's birthday.  This year it ended with a migraine.. poor sweetie *cuddles*


Guv said:

That looks great .. I could have some if of that right now! :-)

September 1, 2011 11:37 AM


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