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I swear I'm such a slacker. Go on holidays and the blogging just stops heh :)

Wednesday went down to RI with Dave and Yvonne which was partly very pleasant (the swimming and communing with nature and seeing goannas and kangaroos and snakes and the like) and partly just awful (feral flies, feral kids, insane heat). Oh and being off the internet for 24 hours wasn't pleasant either ;)

Thursday we came back to my place and just collapsed for a while. Got to wash my hair properly which was priority number one heh. Took Stu to the fish shop to look at the cichlids, then got some pizza for dinner - pepperoni yummmmm! Then tried to get myself organised, but it was dark and I was tired (my excuse).

So Friday morning finished getting organised, but it was a slow process working through a massive todo list, when I hadn't been home for five days.

Eventually got away, had lunch at the twin servos north of Gosford, then dropped in on Stu's grandmother in Newcastle. Then a final push north and got to Armidale after 8pm.

Called up Arian and family, who came over for dinner (mmmm more pepperoni pizza :) ). It was cool to finally meet them all. Arian looked exactly like the pictures I'd seen of her heh :)

Then this morning went and visited my cousins and their families. Theo who has just turned two has the most amazing language skills. He talks in complete sentences, and knows hundreds if not thousands of words. Quite phenomenal.

Currently chilling out back at the motel. Wondering how I'm going to do my yearly wrapup. Might have to do it from Stu's place and change the date :)


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OK so today I felt like a zombie for most of the day. Had a shocking nights sleep and woke up grumpy and dazed. Well actually I woke up at 5am and didn't really get back to sleep.

So after a spot of breakfast, and some grocery shopping for Annie, Stu drove me into Canberra and showed me various places he'd lived and worked. We had pizza for lunch in town, drove round ANU, went up Mount Ainslie, and visited Scott and Kerry. It was actually a really nice day, and thank goodness for air conditioning, which was on the whole day! I do actually like Canberra, it's quite a nice place. Suggested to Stu that I buy a place there and he can rent it off me heh :)

Came back and had roast pork for dinner, and drank quite a bit of wine, and Annie and Stu and I chatted for quite a while before we got interrupted by the phone.

Have had dessert of choc-mint ice cream now and am about to crash into bed.

Christmas and stuff

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So. Christmas.

Got up relatively early and got ready (had to finish packing before church because we wouldn't have time after). Headed off to the parents' church. At least we got to sing two traditional carols, which is more than normal.

After church went back to the parents' place where we played some 500 (I won all three yayyy) and some rummy tiles, before Dave and Yvonne arrived. Had roast turkey roll thingie for a late lunch. Not quite the traditional pork, but having Yvonne there was preferrable, even though I know she really didn't want to be there.

So then did the obligatory family photos, including a couple with the extended family :) And then had the big present opening thingie, which was fun, and I think (hope) everyone was happy with what they got.

So then came home, gathered up all our stuff, and loaded some music onto Stu's mp3 player. It has an fm transmitter in it so we could use it with my car stereo. Then headed off to Yass. The road was really quiet actually which was good, although driving straight into the setting sun was somewhat tedious.

Had a very pleasant dinner with Annie and Stu and a relaxing evening chatting and watching the panel.

This morning we slept in quite late (actually I woke up just after 5am and took nearly two hours to get back to sleep). Had a spot of breakfast then took the kids down to the park for a bit. Then came back and Scott and Kerry and Jake and Karen came over and we went to the pool which was exceedingly pleasant. Then came back and watched most of Ice Age and dinner. And now it's 7pm and I already feel like going to bed heh :)

Blogging on the couch on the Blackberry :)

Christmas Eve

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Had a really really nice day today. Woke up early (read 6am), got up and got ready. Went to pick Stu up at the airport, stopping off to take some photos of planes taking off and landing (Stu calls my brother a train-spotter and me a plane-spotter :) )

Came home and, er, caught up for a while. Then let Stu sleep for a couple of hours while I pottered around the house. Cooked dinner (roast chicken - yummm - and yes I know it hit 36C today, heck it was over 30 by 8am! but I'd planned this days ago and even gotten all the veggies, and the change came over in the arvo so it wasn't unpleasant :) ) .. er where was I? Then went for a swim (there'd been *noone* in the pool all day, I was wondering if it had been closed after the pump breakdown this week, but it was all good). Had a good chance to just talk to Stu.

Then watched the Carols by Candlelight, which is deteriorating I think. At least they still do the Hallelujah chorus, which makes the whole show worthwhile.

We were going to visit Yvonne at The Box, but feeling a bit sleepie and have to get up early tomorrow, so just going to bed.

Qantas jet taxiing for takeoff

Another shopping day

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Another round of Christmas presents obtained.

And *then* the little brother publishes a wishlist. *sigh* ;)

Race riots a lot closer to home last night. Could see/hear helicopters from here and the sirens of police racing to the scene. Yay. Seems to be quiet tonight though thankfully.

Really must sleep. Getting up at 6am after going to bed at 11:30 really doesn't agree with me.

Shopping Day

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Had a decent shopping day today. Went to one shopping centre at lunchtime and got some new bras (yayyyyy - I *loathe* buying bras, haven't done it in years, and the situation was getting desperate). Also found a couple of presents for people (which I won't mention, since some of them read this :) ). Then this afternoon went shopping again. Found some sandally-thongy type things in Payless Shoes - in the kids section :) Then did some grocery shopping, but also picked up another couple of presents. So making progress on the Christmas present situation, but still a long way to go.

I saw Harry Potter and James Bond Scene It today. Drooled over the Harry one, although the people I could play it with would be fairly limited I imagine :) Maybe Kirk and Ric. The James Bond one might be fun for dad (Dave are you interested? heh :) )

And if anyone is wondering what they could get me, some ideas include the new Harry Potter lego, Butterscotch Schnapps and/or Baileys, double bed sheets (summer, preferably blue or white).. :)

On a lighter note..

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So the rest of the weekend ..

Saturday went into work to shut down my servers while they did some electrical work. Then turned everything back on. And then upgraded our main notes web server to Domino 7. Didn't seem to have any problems.

Came home and slept for an hour. Talked to Stu for a little bit, cooked a roast pork, then went to J&G's for a games night. Yes, shock, horror, I was actually invited to a games night! In advance! That hasn't happened in like 8 years or something ridiculous. We played Rapidoh, and I actually won a game against Lizzi (who always wins, and won one game). Then Fluxx - fun but somewhat confusing, and definitely would be better with smaller numbers. A game of Emperor/Scum. Then a marathon game of Carcassonne. Guy had an expansion pack which I hadn't seen in the version they play at work. Got home at nearly 1am. Oops.

And then this morning - the curse of being a morning person. Woke up at 6:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. So two nights in a row of only five hours sleep. Yay. Gave up at 7:30 and got up. Which was good in a way because I had time to wash my hair, which had been annoying me all weekend.

Then to L&L's for the friends Christmas party. Which was all perfectly pleasant. Got home totally exhausted. Going to need an early night tonight methinks.

Friday.. sorta?

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It didn't quite feel like a Friday tonight. Like, I didn't have a few drinks when I got home. And I have to get up at some ridiculous hour tomorrow to go to work.

Tonight the parents and I went and saw some spectacular Christmas light displays. Just amazing.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

And apparently they've abolished compulsory student union fees. Which I would have loved when I was a student. I paid something like $350 a year and I'm pretty sure I never used any student union resources. Except perhaps the occasional lunch from a union cafeteria, but sheesh, they were a ripoff then and are still a ripoff now. You were better off going to local shops. I saw it as a complete waste of money, when I had barely any to start with. </rant> :)

It was very hot today. My weather pixie got out her shorts. 40C all afternoon. Still 35C now! I almost melted. Fortunately work is air conditioned, so I barely noticed :)


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Day at work upgrading domino from 6.54 to 7. Seemed to go mostly ok except for the fatal errors which weren't entirely fatal :)

Then frustrated with people for not giving me ideas for Christmas presents, since I am totally crap at thinking up Christmas presents and if people don't give me ideas they might end up with crap.

Then a night out with much fizzling and come home still fizzling away quite happily.

Can I go home now? (very fizzly - better not lie down just yet - horizontal would be bad for the brain...)


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Finally beat the "computer" at poker on the Blackberry. Woulda won $20 million :)

Blackberry poker

Mind you, I had a decent todo list that I was going to work on tonight. Instead I spent it playing poker and finding music for Christmas songs that I could play on the recorder. Ah well. It was a relatively relaxing evening anyway, and I did get a water change done in the baby krib tank.

Honestly there was... but really it's all just crap

  • moved the guppy/krib tank upstairs to Merideth's office for the next month or so. Kept the babies in a big bowl I have so I can watch them grow.
  • finally saw the end of Australian Princess - go Ally! Would have been happy with Ally or Wendy winning. I wouldn't have even watched it at all if John hadn't to start with, and they hadn't had an encore presentation of the first episode
  • having a carrot and a piece of apple pie for dinner
  • had pizza at work for lunch for the third week in a row
  • missing Stu like crazy
  • congrats to me little brother getting his place
  • cockroaches are giving me the s#^%$
  • I'm tired
  • thought of several Christmas presents people can get for me if they're that way inclined
  • thunderstorms made me turn off my puta for a bit tonight
  • watching Nine to Five. It's very silly.
  • had some Boag's St George tonight, they were quite nice

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