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I swear I'm such a slacker. Go on holidays and the blogging just stops heh :)

Wednesday went down to RI with Dave and Yvonne which was partly very pleasant (the swimming and communing with nature and seeing goannas and kangaroos and snakes and the like) and partly just awful (feral flies, feral kids, insane heat). Oh and being off the internet for 24 hours wasn't pleasant either ;)

Thursday we came back to my place and just collapsed for a while. Got to wash my hair properly which was priority number one heh. Took Stu to the fish shop to look at the cichlids, then got some pizza for dinner - pepperoni yummmmm! Then tried to get myself organised, but it was dark and I was tired (my excuse).

So Friday morning finished getting organised, but it was a slow process working through a massive todo list, when I hadn't been home for five days.

Eventually got away, had lunch at the twin servos north of Gosford, then dropped in on Stu's grandmother in Newcastle. Then a final push north and got to Armidale after 8pm.

Called up Arian and family, who came over for dinner (mmmm more pepperoni pizza :) ). It was cool to finally meet them all. Arian looked exactly like the pictures I'd seen of her heh :)

Then this morning went and visited my cousins and their families. Theo who has just turned two has the most amazing language skills. He talks in complete sentences, and knows hundreds if not thousands of words. Quite phenomenal.

Currently chilling out back at the motel. Wondering how I'm going to do my yearly wrapup. Might have to do it from Stu's place and change the date :)

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