Christmas Eve

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Had a really really nice day today. Woke up early (read 6am), got up and got ready. Went to pick Stu up at the airport, stopping off to take some photos of planes taking off and landing (Stu calls my brother a train-spotter and me a plane-spotter :) )

Came home and, er, caught up for a while. Then let Stu sleep for a couple of hours while I pottered around the house. Cooked dinner (roast chicken - yummm - and yes I know it hit 36C today, heck it was over 30 by 8am! but I'd planned this days ago and even gotten all the veggies, and the change came over in the arvo so it wasn't unpleasant :) ) .. er where was I? Then went for a swim (there'd been *noone* in the pool all day, I was wondering if it had been closed after the pump breakdown this week, but it was all good). Had a good chance to just talk to Stu.

Then watched the Carols by Candlelight, which is deteriorating I think. At least they still do the Hallelujah chorus, which makes the whole show worthwhile.

We were going to visit Yvonne at The Box, but feeling a bit sleepie and have to get up early tomorrow, so just going to bed.

Qantas jet taxiing for takeoff


Yvonne said:

Yeah why not Santa missed me out too.

December 25, 2005 12:12 AM


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