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Fixed up template

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I *finally* got around to fixing up my blog template, and adding reciprocal links. Just on the index page at least anyway, I'll get around to the other pages some other time :)

oops I just realised I haven't posted this. And that it's way past my bed time! Well ok, not a lot past, but I did have rather a late night last night watching Star Trek IV - had to force myself to turn it off half way through to go to bed :)


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Well ok maybe not quite, but I don't have to go to work tomorrow so it may as well be ;)

Had dinner at Azteca's in Randwick tonight as KinHoong was in town and wanted to catch up with some of his old friends. It was a thoroughly pleasant evening. I had mole palablo (I think!) which was ok but nothing to write home about (just blog about, hehe).

It *rained* today which is great for the city. And the car too, it got a decent soaking. Previous days rain has just rearranged the dirt into little globules, this might have actually washed some of it off.

Anyways I'm gonna crash and enjoy a sleepin.

Stealing Stuff

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Lacking inspiration, I delved into JC's archives and found this:

~When was the last time you~

Smiled? Probably within the hour

Laughed? Earlier at Bible study

Cried? A couple of weeks ago

Danced? The other month at a club that Striker dragged Jess and I along to, although we didn't dance much, and only up in a back room in the dark :)

Were Sarcastic? Dunno, I'm not very good at it

Watched your favorite movie? Which favourite movie? hrmm..

Had a nightmare? Last year I think, but it wasn't really a nightmare as such, well I suppose it was, a friend of mine had let me down in it

Last book you read: I'm reading "All Good Things" at the moment

Last movie you saw: On TV, The Green Mile. At the movies.. urp, can't remember

Last song you heard: That I could name, Lose Yourself by Eminem, on the bus

Last thing you had to drink: Apple and Blackcurrent juice

Last time you showered: This morning

Last thing you ate: A piece of chocolate cake

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