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Saw the coolest thing I've seen in a long time in a book yesterday.

It was called a "Fulgurite" and is caused when lightning hits sandy ground, fusing the sand into a lightning shaped hunk of rock. Very cool!

Got my second fish tank filled tonight and the heater and pump/filter are working. All I need now is a lid.

Just watching survivor at the moment, it's getting really interesting now. Only six to go with people with all sorts of twists and people changing their minds.

ok yeah I know, by post this on this page I'm just perpetuating the silly search engine referrals, but anyway.. :)

first column is the number, then there's the number of actual referals per keyword/phrase, the percentage, and the keyword or phrase that caused the referal:

1 1010 52.77% kazza
2 67 3.50% macgyver dvd
3 28 1.46% character quizzes
4 28 1.46% kazza light
5 23 1.20% personality quizzes
6 23 1.20% sexy bald men
7 22 1.15% my kazza
8 17 0.89% bald men
9 17 0.89% www.kazza
10 16 0.84% evil quizzes
11 15 0.78% er quizzes
12 15 0.78% invader zim quizzes
13 11 0.57% kazza little
14 11 0.57% photos of canberra

that's one thing I forgot to do when doing up my template - link to my stoopidquizzes page..

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