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Pho Viet

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Went to Pho Viet again a couple of weeks ago.

We had satay pork, a lamb curry, and lemon grass chili squid.  Tasty but irritated my poor sore throat and made me cough lots.

Pho Viet satay pork

Pho Viet lamb curry

Pho Viet lemon grass chili squid

Anniversary Food

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I think we ate all day on our anniversary!

Starting with oven-baked bacon, and eggs, for breakfast

Anniversary food - bacon and eggs


For lunch, well we happened to be in Captains Flat, and the only thing open was a little cafe - The Outsider.  So we thought we'd just have a slice of cake each to share for a snack.  


The slices were huge, and came topped with cream and chocolate and berries.  So instead of a snack, this was our lunch!

Anniversary food - The Outsider cake

Anniversary food - The Outsider cake

Anniversary food - The Outsider cake


For dinner we went to Pulp Kitchen.  We'd been there some years back (holy crap, was it six years ago?!?), and again it was a great experience.  So much yummy food!

Oysters kilpatrick ($3 each)
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Oysters with Gin&Tonic Granita ($3 each)
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Seared duck magret, house made duck sausage, fried duck egg, sorrel salsa verde ($35).  I only got to try a bit of Stu's duck, but it was great.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

I had roast sirloin steak, braised brisket, butternut pumpkin, garlic and herb puree ($33).  Those little green balls are actually a beef ball wrapped in a dough and baked.  Odd, but delicious.  Steak was pretty awesome too.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Salad of green peas, bacon, croutons and herbs ($9).  Excellent salad.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Selection of Australian and European farm house cheeses ($19).  This rivalled the fantastic cheese platter we had in Scotland.
Anniversary food - Pulp Kitchen

Didn't get any photographs of this, as it was a pretty random dinner thrown together with bits and pieces of stuff that had to be used up.  But it was quite delicious!

It went something like this

  • quarter of a red cabbage, chopped
  • one zucchini, grated
  • three rashers of streaky bacon (about one and a half regular rashers), sliced
  • one portobello mushroom, diced
  • 300mL thickened cream
  • 150mL milk
  • tablespoon of corn flour
  • couple of big handfuls of cheese

Basically just chop up the veggies and bacon, mix the cream milk and corn flour together, add the cream to the dish, then top with cheese.

Bake for about an hour at about 160C

Try not to burn mouth on epic nommy goodness!

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