Long-ish weekend

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Gosh Friday night feels like such a long time ago. Had my last full daylight drive to Canberra, and was stunned at how green the countryside is at the moment.




We had beer and sweet chili and sour cream potato chips for dinner .. naughty .. :) Watched some telly and ended up watching Ella Enchanted.

Saturday morning went out to Gold Creek Village to Cafe Injoy with A&S and the kids and had their all day breakfast, which was delicious


Then went across the road and caused a koi feeding frenzy


And the ducks wanted in as well, but one duck decided the whole pond was his and was chasing all the others away.


We all headed out to Belconnen to go to the fresh food market. The kids played in the giant mushroom, and the Stus found a sign that caused them great amusement


This amused me too


S&K&J came by in the arvo too which was nice.

For dinner we went to Pulp Kitchen in Ainslee for their six week dry aged sirloin, which was yummiferous, although I didn't quite go for the oysters they put on top. I've had two oysters in my life previous to this, now I'm up to about five :)


After dinner Stu took me on a magical mystery tour. He tried to convince me that we were really going home, but we were just going the wrong way entirely hehe. He took me up Mt Ainslee, where I took some photos of the city, but sans-tripod. So will have to back again at some point :)

Canberra by night

He also took me to Manuka and we had a little bit of a wander around and checked out where all the trendy people hang out.

On Sunday we were going to go to church, but it was 9C and I didn't have a jumper (it was 35C in Sydney on Saturday - how am I meant to know to bring a jumper?? heh). So we didn't end up going out. Well not then. We did later to get coffee, and went to Big W and bought A Beautiful Mind.


While we were out I noticed how clear the sky was from all the rain all day Saturday and the strong winds in the morning, so made Stu take me up Black Mountain

Black Mountain Tower

Canberra from Black Mountain Tower

Stu's work is down there


Belconnen Bunnings and the food markets just in front


Varekai in its final weeks in Canberra


Mt Stromlo, minus the forest around it that was devastated in the Jan 2003 bushfires


National Museum of Australia


And a couple more shots of Canberra city

Canberra from Black Mountain Tower

Canberra from Black Mountain Tower

Cooked steak and veggies for dinner and watched A Beautiful Mind.

Today Stu went to work and I telecommuted. The connection was a bit laggy, but I think that it's actually my work computer which is just chugging these days. During my lunch break I went shopping, and did a scrumptious pork roast for dinner. And Stu has a few days worth of leftovers to keep him going :)

Don't really feel like going to work tomorrow....


Javaira said:

The pictures make me homesick. The place is looking beautiful.

March 30, 2007 3:13 PM


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