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Bella Vista

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So Windy had some Entertainment Book vouchers that needed to be used.  By today.  So the sweetie and I went to Bella Vista in Belconnen (thanks Windy!).  The poor sweetie was feeling a little delicate though, having had a pretty bad headache all day :(

Bella Vista is a little pricier than it used to be, and the serving sizes seem smaller too.  But always yummy.  We got two specials off the board - a chicken/bacon/mushroom/rice thing in a parmesan bowl, and a veal sausage thing wrapped in prosciutto.  We swapped half way so we both got half each :)

Bella Vista
Bella Vista
After such a small meal, we both got desserts as well - I got a cheese cake and Stu got chocolate gelato.

Bella Vista
Bella Vista
Yum yum yum :)
Last night when we were in Civic we went past the games store and found the 32000 piece jigsaw they have for sale there.

Ravensburger 32000 piece jigsaw
I've blogged about this jigsaw before.  I really don't think I'd want to do it.  Too much solid colour.  Although.  I did find a blog recently about someone that's currently doing it.  As I also discovered doing my last Ravensburger, in which the two halves were actually completely identical, they discovered the sections are identical.  So when you've done one, you can build the next one right on top of it.  Which means if you've sorted out your pieces, you can just pick them up and put them in, because you know *exactly* what shape you're looking for.  That would make it *soooo* much easier to do.  But cheating somehow too heh.

Besides, the thing is 544x172 cm big, and ~20kg.  And $595.  !!

No, I'd still much rather do this one.

Life jigsaw


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The sweetie and I decided to go out for dinner tonight.  I wanted to go to Ardeche to show him that they do a cassoulet.  Unfortunately it's minimum four people, and two days notice.. doh!!  But we went in anyway.

We had some garlic bread which was very nice, although apparently not as good as last time I went to Ardeche, and shared a bottle of Larida Estate chardonnay (the sweetie got the bigger share, as he'd had work drinks prior and I became designated driver).  

Stu had the risotto special, which was pretty good.

I had the Poulet Ard├ęchois, which was nice enough, but a very big chunk of meat, and a little bit dry in places.  

We had desserts as well.

Stu got a croquembuche

And I got a lemon tart which was really good.  And I love love love the sugar nets - best part of the meal I think :)

The sweetie finished off by contemplating an espresso

So not a bad night.  


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When we started watching Buffy last year, I thought of Giles as Uther, and Angel as Booth.  Now I see them the other way around.  Is that weird?
Started coughing Wednesday night.  Just a cold it would seem this time.. none of the fluey type aches.  Just lots of goop .. *sigh*
Black Pepper Caesar Salad

I've been wanting to do this for ages, and I've done it sporadically but not in any formal fashion.  I wanted to have a little review section for my favourite salad - caesar salad, that I often have when I'm out at cafes.  Because they do vary quite a lot and whenever I eat them I'm thinking how I can blog them.  Tragic I know ;)

For the purposes of my reviews I will comment on the most popular variation of the salad we get here, which includes cos lettuce, croutons, bacon, parmesan cheese, egg, anchovies, and sauce.

Location: Black Pepper, Belconnen
Price: $14.00

Lettuce: cos, all good
Croutons: non-existent (unless they were just breadcrumbs that were mixed in with the sauce)
Bacon: really generous, nicely cooked, winner there
Parmesan cheese: almost non-existent, only saw one tiny piece
Egg: one poached/coddled? on top
Anchovies: check, given to the sweetie
Sauce: good flavour, good amount.

So a pretty decent version of the salad.  The generous helping of bacon made up for the lack of parmesan cheese. Would happily have this again.

Ok, apart from the spammers, the only person that's commented on my blog in the last ten days is an author.. is anyone still out there..? :)
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