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This whole lack of Internet at home thing is getting really old! Basically two whole weeks now except for a short while last weekend. My news feed reading is back to being completely out of control. Blog is two weeks out of date. I dread to think how much data I've used on my phone this month (actually probably not that much because Optus' reception is so crappy all over Canberra that I can't even get data half the time). Someone from Telstra will be out to look at the line tomorrow. Here's hoping they actually fix it...

Radio Silence

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Yeah so I've been offline for the better part of a week.  Our internet which has been really flakey lately (mostly during wet weather) finally died completely last Sunday (Monday?) night during all the wet weather.  Stu convinced Internode to come and have a look and sure enough, as suspected, our phone line is so noisy it's practically unusable.  So they've reported a fault with Telstra and we may or may not get it fixed soon.  Our internet actually started up again last night so I immediately took the opportunity to watch last week's Amazing Race (which only stay online for seven days :( ) and read some news feeds.

Other interesting stuff that's happened: the little brother and Conny visiting, skiing, and lots and lots of photo sorting (because what else am I going to do without the internet??).  They'll get their own blog posts.  One day.
Deathly Hallows
Went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) tonight.

Quite enjoyed it actually.  

For the most part it was very dark, with a few little bits of humour to lighten it slightly.  (Which is always a good reason for seeing a movie in 2D - you don't make the dark scenes even darker by wearing sunglasses!).  It's amazing how different all of the movies have been.

Some gorgeous special effects.  And I think I saw the bit of the set that I saw last year in the back lot of Leavesdon Studios.

Not much in the way of character development outside the few main characters.  Most of the other characters barely get a line or two each.  Neville and McGonagall had pretty cool roles though.

A few differences to the book, but pretty happy with the interpretation (although maybe if I'd only just read the book I'd think differently heh).

It finished up the same as the book - that is skipping ahead and seeing where a few people ended up, but not answering any of the questions of what the heck happened to everyone.  Interviews I read online when the book came out filled in some of the gaps, but might have been nice to include some of them in the movie.

So yeah, pretty good all up.  We got the DVD of part 1 tonight too, might have to watch it soon :)


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Two nights ago I attempted to get Harry Potter tickets. But people kept complaining about various things (have I ever mentioned how much I hate trying to organise people) so I spat the dummy and gave up.  But since then, Dendy have opened up tickets for a series of 2D sessions.  So I got some for this Friday. 


And surprisingly easy, got decent seats, and the booking just worked.

Best experience I've ever had with the Dendy!
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