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Ginger Spice

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A few weeks ago I went into Stu's work for some after work drinks.  We hit up Uni Pub and then went to Ginger Spice for dinner.  I think at some point they asked us if we wanted the food *hot* to which people said yes.  

Woah boy!  It was pretty hot!  There were a couple of reasonably spiced dishes, but mostly they were insanely hot (for me).  Yummy though.

Ginger Spice
After dinner there were still plenty of leftovers so I asked that they be boxed up.  But when it was time to go, noone wanted to take any because they were all going out to other places after.  So we got all the leftovers.  And it was pretty awesome, because we didn't have to do much food shopping that week - we were set for the whole week with leftovers!  Win!

The sweetie took me out to dinner tonight - to my instant request when asked - Bella Vista!!

Since the serving sizes are (relatively) small, we decided to forgo garlic bread and have a proper entrée, as well as mains and a dessert.

For entrée I had a stuffed quail.  I don't think I've ever had quail before.  It was lovely, although a few bones to negotiate!  Stu had some prawns which were super tasty.

Bella Vista quail
For mains I had a salmon and prawn dish, and Stu had a chicken risotto in a parmesan cheese net.  Those cheese nets are soooo yummy!  Mine was delicious except for the need to peel and de-poo whole prawns that were still hot.

Bella Vista salmon and prawns

We got dessert as well.  Stu got a chocolate tart with the most amazingest butterscotch sauce *ever*!

Bella Vista chocolate tart
And I had a pannacotta, which was good, but a little difficult to negotiate in the champagne glass!

Bella Vista Pannacotta

So I stayed home from work this morning so a Telstra tech could come and look at our lines.  He turned up about 10:30 and went downstairs and ran some tests on the line.  Then he said he was done, he was going back to the exchange, he thought the problem was there, and we'd get a call later from our ISP.

er. OK.

So Stu did get a call later to say that the problem had been fixed.

er.  OK.

Got home.  No internet.  Go and reboot the router.


Well sort of.  The modem came up, link came up, but couldn't get to web pages.  Tried pinging something.  It worked.  And then the web did too.  Go figure.

No idea of our line speed is any good.  But I did do an FTP download of some files, that come down around 400kbytes/sec, so I suppose that's ok.  

Here's hoping it stays working.

Maybe we'll fill out our eCensus tonight.  8 days to go peoples! :)
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