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Vista fun...

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ok here's one that's not in Google yet..

If you run windows command line ftp in vista, it starts you off in your users directory. If you then lcd to a directory that doesn't exist, and then try to download files, you get this lovely friendly error:

Replace Existing File with Temp File:I/O Error

Of course you get this error *after* you've downloaded the file, so no idea where it puts it, but you've just wasted that time/traffic downloading the file.

The solution? Make sure your destination directory is correct :)

I hate notes

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Been fiddling with a stoopid notes problem with two docs that have been confused and now won't let me fix a field in them, but in the process came across this lovely friendly error message when refreshing a view:

Collation number specified negative or greater than number of collations in view

So I Google it and find the only page about it - an "I hate lotus notes" blog. Made me giggle. didn't have much either, just one page that noone responded to.

Why is that half the errors I get on my servers have never been seen by anyone else??

Getting an event id 20091 on the Blackberry server with the error: The following information is part of the event: Exception in ScanForNewMail for user {user}

The user is not getting any emails at the moment, but was previously getting the same single message over and over again. We deleted that email out of her mail file and they stopped coming, but nothing else has come through since it had started happening.

Will try recreating her setup on the Blackberry server, see if that fixes it. Presumably something is corrupt in her setup somewhere....

So had this user come in today. She says that up until recently (when she got back from overseas), her Blackberry would automatically suggest a folder to file an email message, based on where she filed the last message from a particular person. But now it's stopped doing this, and just defaults back to having Inbox selected, and she needs to scroll through all her folders to file the message.

Well my Blackberry was just defaulting to the Inbox also, and I'd never even noticed this before as I rarely file from my Blackberry.

So went hunting for a solution. These two other people posted the same problem, but no satisfactory solution.

If anyone's Googling how to automatically or intelligent or smart filing of messages on the Blackberry and you find a solution, please let me know :)

I had to laugh. In fact I did, out loud. Until I realised that it'd probably be me that would need to fix it. Then I just sighed.

So *someone* reset all the permissions on the web drive of cia's w2k server (not mentioning any names ;) ). They were trying to remove the everyone full control, and must have hit apply to the entire drive. Several hundred users later..... like... WHOOPS.. hehe

So, since the old server was still online (they only upgraded it on the weekend), I figured it must be possible to do a dump of the permissions on the old machine, and apply them to the files on the new machine. So I came home and googled it. Turns out you can do it, in one line of code for each server.

To dump everything:
x:\subinacl.exe /noverbose /nostatistic /outputlog=output.log /subdirectories "w:\*.*" /display

To import everything:
x:\subinacl.exe /nostatistic /playfile "output.log"

Easy, right? Well not quite. The problem is, with so many files, the output log came to 665mb. And a bazillion entries of the old server name that needed to be changed to the new server name. Wordpad doesn't do this very easily! :) So on that note I'm leaving the file with James, who has grunty boxes to play with, to see if he can do the search and replace.

If not, Da-- oops, not mentioning any names ;) will have to dump the directory list and batch them to do them one at a time :)

Event ID 1023

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So one of my servers started giving these Perflib errors after windoze updating it last night:

"Windows cannot load extensible counter DLL PerfDisk, the first DWORD in data section is the Windows error code."

Every minute. Quite irritating.

After doing the usual searches of Google and Microsoft and finding *nothing*, I begged James for help. His suggestion: run exctrlst.exe, untick the PerfDisk one. Wait. Retick.

So far nothing new in the event logs.... *crossed fingers*

Well it seems that yes, you can in fact run windows firewall on boxes running NLB. This is presuming that your NLB is setup correctly. After logging a call to Microsoft (and talking to someone who had never setup NLB before - grrr) I eventually rebuilt my test boxes from scratch and setup NLB in the prescribed way, as opposed to copying what we have in production. Turns out our production servers are incorrectly setup too. Which is surprising because they *work*, and have done for years, and Luc set them up based on the way servers are setup for the entire organisation (!)

So anyways.

Next week we'll be reconfiguring the production servers, and then will try enabling the firewall on them again...

I've spent a good couple of months now on and off looking for an answer to a very simple question:

Can you use windows firewall on servers running NLB?

Well it seems that only one other person on the internet has asked this question, and they didn't get a very satisfactory answer. Certainly nothing I can really work with.

The problem *seems* to be something to do with gateways. With the firewall disabled, everything works fine. However with the firewall enabled, only the non-NLB ips respond.. the NLB ip address doesn't respond (blocked by the firewall) - however it *does* work from machines on the same vlan.

I think I'll be logging a call to Microsoft on this one...

Did you know that you can't see the "Power Options" control panel on a windows 2000 server via terminal services or remote desktops? You have to actually be at the console to see it. Not terribly helpful if you're trying to configure the UPS settings remotely.

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