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Felt like I spent the day fighting with crappy systems and unending problems.

To get home and fight more crappy systems - the epic fail that is iTunes, and the epic fail that is our Cisco router which drops off the internet at random intervals - although most often when you load a page that has a lot of stuff on it, or several tabs at a time.

Somehow don't think I'll ever get this update downloaded, and if I do I can pretty much guarantee that iTunes will screw *something* up on my phone.

Never make plans

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I'd planned a lot for my evenings this week.  So of course today I get sick, don't I?  Some buttplug at the mall or the party on Saturday infected me.  Don't know at this stage if it's a cold or a flu.  Probably just a cold.  Hopefully.


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ok day today. Until I got home.  Then everything went to crap.  Well not really everything.  But enough to not have a good night.

Battled an old computer that keeps turning off.  Which is annoying when I'm using it to wipe disks (it has a removable disk bay which makes it super easy to swap disks).

Battled iTunes, which always thinks *it* knows best.

And battling my nose, which has been super irritated all day :(
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