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I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, whose attitude to taking photos is to not, and just "enjoy the experience".  And heaven forbid that I get grumpy when I can't take photos at events or exhibitions, because there is no sympathy whatsoever.

Well it's like this you see.  I have dementia.  I don't remember stuff.  Unless there's photographic evidence to remind me, things drip straight out of my brain straight away.

Case in point.  A couple of years ago we went to see an exhibition in the Tate Modern which had no photography permitted.  Apart from one piece that I wrote about, I don't remember a single other thing from that exhibition.  So what's the fricken point of me having gone???

Two years ago today we finally left the UK and headed home, stopping in Japan for a thirteen hour layover.  The good thing about that layover is that it forced us to get over our jetlag that day, so we were pretty right when we got home.
So a little bit more investigation on the "Entry Processes" that I saw being used up last night.  It was ok this morning and this evening but went crazy again late tonight.  Seems Entry Processes relates to PHP.  And the main PHP function on my site is conspiracy - my photo gallery.  Had a look at the logs, and sure enough, bingbot is flooding my gallery with its indexing, and blocking access to the gallery while it's at it.  So will look into blocking it.  

Ok so tried a .htaccess file block on some of the ips.  Entry processes dropped off, but the gallery is still giving errors .. *sigh*

I'm not sure that has anything to do with the out of memory and internal server errors I'm still getting on the blog though :(  Maybe malformed comment spam is freaking things out???
This blog entry may very well not post.  Seems my host has been having problems again - this time with perl.  Have been getting frequent 500 - Internal Server Errors :(

I was going to post something about a super addictive iphone game called "Flow".. but that might have to wait..

Edit: could be that cPanel is showing 15/15 Entry Processes .. whatever they are :/
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