Fricken Bing.. fricken everything really :(

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So a little bit more investigation on the "Entry Processes" that I saw being used up last night.  It was ok this morning and this evening but went crazy again late tonight.  Seems Entry Processes relates to PHP.  And the main PHP function on my site is conspiracy - my photo gallery.  Had a look at the logs, and sure enough, bingbot is flooding my gallery with its indexing, and blocking access to the gallery while it's at it.  So will look into blocking it.  

Ok so tried a .htaccess file block on some of the ips.  Entry processes dropped off, but the gallery is still giving errors .. *sigh*

I'm not sure that has anything to do with the out of memory and internal server errors I'm still getting on the blog though :(  Maybe malformed comment spam is freaking things out???



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