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I'm the sort of person that takes *everything* personally, and way too seriously for my own good. While I can rationally see this as a flaw in my brain, it's somewhat difficult to overcome.

So when I read comments like this about myself..

And now Kazza is 'blogging' from the couch, yet fails to think of anything about which to write. Writing just for the sake of filling space in a database, and thus polluting the HTTP sphere even further, should be considered criminal. Heh... *poof* goes 99% of all weblogs :-)

..I am totally shattered. It's these sorts of comments that I take to heart and have the potential to plunge me into days or even weeks of depression.

Yes I know this blog is a waste of space on the internet (as far as I know only two people read it). Yes the majority of the hits to this blog are from lusers looking for stuff on kazaa. Yes most of the time I can't really think of anything particularly interesting to blog about.

The silliest part about it is that it wasn't even my idea to start this stoopid thing. And the person that got me started isn't blogging himself anymore.

But, dammit, why should I stop because of one person's opinions?

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