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*Disclaimer* - Huge whinging rant following:

Well it started off with Sunday drivers starting early (you know the ones - happy to sit at 10km/h under the speed limit, causing you to miss lights etc), but they weren't too big a drama compared to the rest of the night.

The video night got moved to Stanmore, and Striker said he'd be there from 6pm, with videos to start at 8. So I rock up at 6:15 but he's not there. So I ring the doorbell anyway. No answer. Ring a couple more times. No answer. So I call Striker. "Keep ringing" he says, and he'll be there in 20 minutes. So I ring a few more times, but decide that I don't want to be standing around all by myself on a dark street at night, so I go back and sit in my car. Now without a book to read all I can do is listen to the radio, getting bored *out of my brain*. Minutes tick by. Tens of minutes. Eventually at 7:55 Striker, Alex and Wendy turn up. Of course by this stage my mind is numb and I'm thoroughly grumpy.

They spend a couple of minutes trying to contact the host of the video night. Door bell doesn't work. Phone doesn't work. Eventually they attract attention by yelling through a window.

So then we head down the back for fire twirling (which was the only good part of the whole night). I love fire twirling, I could watch it for hours. But the ground was wet so I had to stand there with my bag, cause noone asked if I wanted to dump my stuff inside. Continue to be stressed.

A bit before 8 we head inside, and order pizzas. The video decided on was "Angst" (sounds kind of appropriate somehow). I start to relax somewhat. Pizzas arrive, mine was a Parmagiana (sp?), which was *really good*. Then I tried to pour myself an orange juice. Trying to manipulate a two and a half litre bottle in one hand so I can hold a glass in the other. I squeezed tightly on it, and the orange juice literally exploded all over me. This was the last straw. After spending 10 minutes in the kitchen trying to dry myself off, I went back, picked up my things, and just left, in an attempt to avoid any more disasters. Of course as soon as I got to the car I completely lost it, and it took me the entire trip home to calm down. Now I just want to go to bed. 10:12pm on a Saturday night. Yay.

Sooooore :(

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Group Photo

I am so sore today after all my manual labour yesterday. My arms and shoulders are *aching*. Houssein is in much the same condition.

I have managed to get through the majority of the support mail though, so I don't feel so guilty about crashing early.

Just need to download some photos...

On the right are some of the fish in CIA's fish tank. There's a shoal tang, yellow tang, blue tang and cleaner wrasse in the picture

OK I know, it's April, but I finally decided to get around to removing the "Santa Snow" sprayed onto the lounge room window. I tried windex and a soft sponge - no effect. I tried spray and wipe with the same sponge - still no effect. So I tried the back of the sponge-scourer - scrubbing in circles trying to get the darned sticky stuff off. It had some effect, but I thought it was just smudging it into an opaque smear. It was only then that I realised to my horror that I was actually scratching big marks into the glass :(:( Needless to say I am not happy jan! So now I have this Christmas Tree-shaped patch of scratched glass right at eye level. :( Does anyone know how to polish glass?

I hate tailgaters

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OK so I'm cruising down the M4 this morning, zipping through the E-way gates in the left of the two lanes (best thing since sliced bread the new toll "gates" on the M4) and as we're merging back to four lanes after the tolls, this truck tries to cut in from the cash lanes. So I move over to the right lane to avoid having to brake. OK so now I'm cruising in the right lane, but they're doing roadworks at the moment and the limit is 60. So I ease off and try not to exceed the ridiculous speed limit by too much. Now this truck moves over right behind me and then just sits right on my tail, obviously wanting me to break the law or get out of his way. Well having already proved himself to be the rudest driver on my trip, I certainly wasn't going to get out of his way. Anyway after a couple of kilometres sitting right up my backside he decides to give up and go around me - just as the speed goes up to 90 again. So of course I take off and leave him behind. For then at least. You can't really get very far very fast on the M4 in peak hour, so I ended up not being more than a couple of cars away from him on my entire trip to work. Bastard.

This afternoon was not much better. I was trying to decide if it's just me (I seem to get tailgaters a lot), or the car I happened to be driving today (which looks as if it should be going a lot faster). But if it is the car, they should realise that my brakes are probably a darned sight better than theirs, and if I had to stop in an emergency they wouldn't have a chance. Neither would have that damned truckie.

I also got to experience the joys of the M5 east tunnel at peak hour today. Picture a 4km tunnel that's not properly ventilated, filled with drivers that seem to panic just because there's a solid wall next to them instead of air. So I'm sitting there averaging 30km/hr in a very warm car with no ventilation to stop the pollution getting in, then as soon as we hit open air it's back up to 80km/hr. Sheesh I wish people could learn to drive sometimes.

wow.. what a rant .. I wonder how I managed to make it home in one piece!


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Went to blog but the server was down.
Went to bed but the phone rang.
/me stares at the screen.
I blinked and I missed the weekend. Damn I need a holiday and some time to sort through my todo list

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