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After Friday's success I am *itching* to get my other firewall done sooner rather than later.  Except risk-averse people have scuttled the idea until later in the week.  Doh!!  Oh well, got some other stuff done today which is helping my confidence somewhat.

Tonight was just pool stuff, washing, cooking and watching House and Fuller House.  9:20 before I could finally relax.  But we cooked one of Serena's *epic* zucchinis, as well as a couple of old zucchinis, some old garlic, some old mushrooms, a pepper from Kit's, parsley from Kit's, and some meat we got at the markets yesterday.  

Epic zucchini

Epic zucchini


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Friday I finally got one of my new firewalls live.  Seemed to all work ok.  Now think I may make our (my) deadlines.

Friday night a cool change came through which was *heavenly*.  I opened the entire house up and the relief was amazing.  Dropped into Kit's briefly in the evening (she fed us a couple of slices of Aldi/enhanced pizza which was just what we needed and saved us ordering evil pizzas).

Saturday was a trip to the Canberra Show, but I'll save that for another post.  Got home completely wrecked (on our feet for about seven hours, 16000 steps, with only a rest at Zierholz in the middle).  Needed to just *sit* for a while to recover.  Started watching Back to the Future III, but ended up down at Kit's for a while cause she had some friends over.  Got to bed on time, but woke up in the middle of the night for an hour or so.

Today just houseworkey stuff and shopping.  In the afternoon we watched Das Rheingold.  This was a production Stu saw at Dendy a while back by the New York Met.  It was quite well done (although lonnnng heh).  Stu cooked home-made salt and pepper squid for dinner and we finished watching Back to the Future III.

Also this weekend (as well as watching some House - we're into season 8 now), we started watching Fuller House.  I loved Full House as a teenager and they're doing a remake.  It was chocked full of references to the old show, and they have a couple of serious digs at the Olsen twins.  It's a little bit more adult focussed - not quite as family friendly I don't think.  Hoping that it finds its own feet though and not just a complete remake of the original series.

Stinkin' Hot

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I'm completely sick of this heat.  Woke up at 3:20 and couldn't get back to sleep.  Maybe got another hour or two's sleep.  Zombie day today.

Tonight was beer and pool.  And Chrissie and pool.

And so on

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Weekend was a bit of a blur.  Friday Kit was celebrating finishing exams, so we helped.  Finally met Grant's wife Louise which was lovely.  

Saturday I did housey stuff and jigsaw etc.  Chrissie came up for a swim in the afternoon and brought up a corned beef which we stewed for a couple of hours, and we made some mashed potatoes and white sauce to go with it.

Today was mostly jigsawing etc, with our first trip to Ikea to get some bits and pieces, then food shopping.  Cooked epic low-carb lasagna for dinner (replacing pasta with sliced squash) - although it ended up mostly just smooshy nommness.

Noone wants to go back to work tomorrow.


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Lately I seem to be feeling a constant low level stress/depression (that regularly flares up to much stronger versions).  Work is certainly not helping.  The heat over the last couple of weeks.  Lack of sleep.  Body cycles that should be four weeks being only three.  Food.  Blood pressure.  Missing jigsaw piece from a new and expensive jigsaw.  Bank fees.  Housework.  Vacuuming.  Trivia nights to prepare for.  A computer that hasn't installed updates since a cancelled upgrade to Windows 10 last year (other than Security Essentials updates) and doesn't seem to have the ability to either.  iPhone batteries that don't last the day.  Clutter.  Dust.  Holiday finances.  Weight.  Deteriorating eyesight.


There just doesn't seem to be enough *time* in the world.  Last night was cool off in the pool, cook and eat dinner while watching House, a walk with Chris and just a little bit of time on the jigsaw.  And then it's bed time.  I didn't get any computer time.  I still haven't even *seen* most of my last holiday photos, let alone geotag them.  Tonight was better, but had to fight with my computer for too long after it started spazzing out.  Got a bit of trivia night stuff done at least.  A whole half hour.  Yay.

So what else happened.

Saturday night we picked up EffanC and went to Scott's place.  We were very late getting there.  It would have been a nice night, except I was overheating and the music was turned up to a level that killed my enthusiam to talk loudly over it.  Ended up being quite late home too.  At least we had a very nice salad for dinner that C made (and lots of yummy cheese!).  Had a swim when we got home to cool off.

Sunday I was pretty tired on account of not getting enough sleep.  Didn't get a whole lot done.  The heat was too miserable-making.  Did manage to do food shopping.  Kit came over briefly to dip her feet in the pool.  Had salmon and salad for dinner.

George is a spud

But last night I couldn't get to sleep *forever* - too damned hot, even with the fan going at full speed.  Dear summer, it's the middle of February, feel free to bugger off and bother someone else.  Felt like a complete zombie today and all the stoopid got to me and made me grumpy.  Also panicking slightly about my firewall project and getting it done in time.  Even our resident expert is not sure what is going on.  We did make one of them work nicely today though, so just need to figure out what *that* means.

Tonight cooked up a bunch of stuff for dinners/lunches during the week.

The rest of the week

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Wednesday Kit came over briefly after work for a bit of a cool off (not that she actually went *in* the pool - just her feet!).

Thursday the little brother and Kat came up with the tv and stayed.  Kit and Ben came up as well.  Stu was a little anxious about *stuff*, Kit had decided to quit her job, and all the extra people in the house made for a very strange night.

Friday the sweetie and I had a random day off.  Stu went to the doctor, then we had brunch in town.  Came home and started pulling out stuff to give away and throw out.  Took a whole heap of fluoro lights and old magazines to Revolve and had a walk through the Big Green Shed which was fun.  Also took several boxes of books to Lifeline.  But didn't get too much else done.  Watched Back to the Future II in the evening.

This morning went along to the Mint Open Day.  I'll leave that for a separate post, but their event management and crowd control was just plain awful.


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Saturday morning I gave away the fridge from the caravan that never worked on 240V.  One less piece of clutter in the house!

Then we headed out to the club.  I chatted to Chris and helped de-nail fence palings in the morning, and helped with the working bee (more de-nailing of fence palings) in the afternoon.

Club lizard

Club new fence

Came home and were all set for a quiet night in, started watching Back to the Future, then Kit invited us down.  Serena had brought Jenga Quake.  Which was my third variation of Jenga this week.  At work they have an original set.  At the club there's a much bigger set.  Quake has plastic bricks which have less friction so are a little easier to pull out.  But we didn't use the quake platform cause that's just silly.  Stayed up a bit too late annoying the neighbours by singing along to seventies music.

Today I barely did anything on the todo list.  Best I could manage was to clean the kitchen.  Did our food shopping, cooked/ate dinner, went for walkies with Chrissie then finished watching Back to the Future.

Mt Rogers Bug


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Only just barely survived the week.  Weird networking issues scuttled my firewall work which just made the whole team look bad.

Tuesday went for a short walk with Chrissie.  We were going to walk last night but I forgot.

On Wednesday I cleared out years of old project paperwork out of my desk drawers.

Thursday we went over to Kit's after drinks.

I also solved the GCHQ nonogram quite easily (it became pretty obvious what it was fairly early on) and have been playing nonogram puzzles online.

And starting to pick up speed on the 5000 piece jigsaw.



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I had a crap day today.  Epic fail.

So here's a photo of me at the controls of an A380

Kazza and A380

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