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Win Day

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I didn't get much sleep last night.  Woke up around 3am and had awful trouble getting back to sleep, and then was just really restless.  So was dead tired this morning.  Even had trouble reading my book on the bus.  As I started reading through my emails at work, I started getting pretty depressed about some of the crap problems I'm dealing with.  Too tired for that much crap.  But then this afternoon while writing an email back to the vendor support, I had a brain wave that turned out to be the solution to a problem we've had for a couple of weeks.  So that was pretty awesome.  

Well, one thing achieved for the day, I could go home.  Tomorrow, I start on whatever the next problem is...

Anzac Day

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Didn't really do anything to mark Anzac Day.  Boring...

I had plans to work on the back yard yesterday, but I couldn't work up the enthusiasm.  Instead I worked on the hobby room.  Made a little progress rearranging the clutter in there..

After dinner Doc came up and we all played some Mario Kart and some Buzz before staying up quite late doing lots and lots of SingStar :)
The original plan for today involved having someone over to watch videos, so I'd clean up the house in preparation.  Except that the sweetie didn't feel up to being sociable today (he actually turned down two other offers as well).  So I just cleaned the house anyway.  Can see most of the floor of the study now.  And vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom and cleaned and put away the fan.  Only took most of the day in between some breaks catching up on news feeds and blogging about the Folk Festival yesterday.

I probably should have left the house at some point.  It was such a beautiful day!  Oh well...
Spent at least two hours this morning attacking the foliage in the front yard.  Lots of chopping of cherry tree suckers, pulling up of weeds, and hacking away at plants in general, trying to get it all under control.  Piled up a *huge* pile of foliage to be chopped up more and put out in the garbage one bag at a time.

After lunch, I did a jigsaw I'd borrowed from the coast.  Just a map of the world, but with Qantas' flight routes on it - as of April 1965!!  With a 707 :)

Qantas Jigsaw
Qantas Jigsaw
Other than that, just a bit of house tidying and news feed reading.

The little brother turned up just before dinner, so instead of Stu cooking a fritatta for us, he decided he didn't want to cook at all, so I had to make pizzas for the boys.


Although we didn't win tonight - only came third ;)

We got 101 points, second got 102.5 and first got 103.5.  So we were pretty close.

Definitely wasn't as well organised tonight as other nights (and yes, we did have our high standards for people to live up to ;) ).  But still fun anyway.  And came home with a box of Roses :)
Bit better day today than yesterday.  Didn't really achieve all that much, it took much of the day just to do one thing :/

I was going to plan out all the things I wanted to do this weekend tonight.  I got as far as listing some of the things that need doing around the garden.

Gave up on that and played some SingStar.

Here's some pics of the moon I've taken recently.

First, one I took a few weeks ago at work drinks at sunset
Sunset moon
Then another one at drinks a week later
Waxing moon
And this was moonrise last night

Sunny Sunday

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Lovely day today.  Although the wind had a bit of a chill in it!

Headed out for brunch.  Went to Black Pepper which is our main haunt.  Service is often a little slow there, but today was particularly bad.  Got there at 10:35, but they said there would be a 15-20 minute wait for a table.  So we went for a walk.  

Gak Gak bird flying
Gak Gak bird flying

Came back at 10:55 and were seated straight away.  But didn't get our food until 11:40 :(:( So was very hungry by that stage.  But the food is pretty good and today was no exception.

Went for a trip to the other side of the lake afterwards to feed the birdies (and the little fishies).


Autumn colours were all over the place (I still haven't taken many for the RiotACT), the red is at home.

Autumn gold
Autumn red

Some bugs at home..

A little butterfly
And these little bastards are destroying the cherry tree :(  Hoping it's got enough energy to come back ok next spring, and then might need to figure out how the heck I can stop them if they come back next year :(
Cherry tree bug

Other than that, really just read news feeds all afternoon (and put away the two jigsaws).

This morning we headed over for Violet's first birthday party.

Violet's cake
We didn't stay for too long because we had to get to Serkan's for a killifish meeting.  I took photos of fish just because.  Some of these are even manually focussed (most failed of course).

Serkan fish
Serkan fish
Serkan fish
Serkan fish
Serkan fish

Jigsaw progress

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Nat and Andrew came over tonight and helped the jigsaw along.  Only 285 pieces left!! :)

So did that for quite a while.  Had Oliver! on in the background.  Did a super nomm pasta bake for dinner with berry cheesecake for dessert.  Then played 16 levels of Mario Kart.  Nat won of course ;)  Andrew second and me third.

Fun night :)

Probably should go to bed soon...
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