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Fairly quiet weekend.

Spent a lot of it doing the jigsaw.  The stuff that's left (maybe 700 pieces) is just dark leaves and blotchy sky.  Really irritating to do.  Just want to get the thing finished so I can put it away and get the table back.

Today we went out for breakfast and did some food shopping.  

These boats were down at Lake Ginninderra
Belconnen Boats

The spider is still there near Black Pepper

The sweetie was feeling very tired mid afternoon, but instead of succumbing to sleep we decided to go for a drive and a walk.  Went down to Government House and walked around Weston Park.

Lake Burley Griffin
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk
Weston Park walk

Tonight the sweetie cooked a spicy tomato and lentil soup, and I did scones.  My scones were a bit fail, but still edible.  I made up for it with a coconut cake which turned out perfectly.

I'm one step closer to getting Yarrangobilly pics online - they're geotagged at least now :)

Nothing to report.  Thai for dinner (filling, and quite hot).  Couple of ring-ins to our team dinner, nice night.

Didn't take any photos (shocking I know!!)

So here's a couple I prepared earlier.

Firstly one Tony will hate.  Saw this near Black Pepper and got grossed out..

Gross spider

And this from our back window the other morning

March Morning

Better.. (I hope!)

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Had a pretty good night sleep last night, and felt infinitely better than I did yesterday, so worked from home for the day.  Had a pretty productive morning, but not so good in the afternoon.

Spent the evening doing my big jigsaw and watching House and Lie to Me.

Long day today.  This is just a teaser.. 447 photos .. gonna take a bit more energy to sort and resize some for publishing than I have right now..

Yarrongabilly teaser
Yarrongabilly teaser

Quiet day

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Nice quiet day today.   No photos to blog.  Went over to Potty's for dinner.

I did chop lots of the cherry tree suckers.. some of them were so big they needed a hacksaw.  Really must stay on top of them every year before they get too big to easily chop....
Epic crap day (evening) at work.. accidently broke half the network for a couple of hours.. *yay*.  Stressed/depressed.. they'll most likely fire me in the morning :(

Dave gave me a lift home, and I snaffled his camera to take photos of grasshoppers while he was getting petrol.

Can somebody please kill me now? :(


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Went to Fyshwick this arvo so the sweetie could get a new mini stereo for the bedroom (the last one died - won't power on - probably something simple, but not for us.  Besides, he wanted one with an iPod dock).  Stopped in at Officeworks so I could buy some paper (so I don't have to keep stealing paper from work to make my origami). 

Apparently the water signs had another farewell message on them yesterday, but when we went past the one on Barry Drive today it was turned off :(

Came home and made another dodecahedron, this time a three-coloured one.  Looks pretty good.  It's a pity it takes so long to fold PHiZZ units, or I'd have made a bigger one.  Learnt about the Hamiltonian Path.  Photos soon - will be doing some more dedicated stuff for all the origami I've been doing.  This site totally made my night!  Will be naffing some of the patterns off that to make :)

Also made excellent progress on the jigsaw.  Did more on it today than in the three weeks or so that I worked on the flowers.

And just so this blog entry isn't completely colourless..

An eastern rosella in the neighbour's tree the other morning.

Eastern Rosella



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Another night, another boring blog entry.

I've been working on a new Phizz ball.  Was hoping to get it finished tonight, but have to get up early tomorrow so didn't. 

I don't even have any photos to blog.  Well I do, but there's more on the camera that had to go with it that I haven't downloaded yet.

Sorry this week has been so dull.  Maybe as I recover it'll get more interesting.. hrmm... or not...
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