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Went to Fyshwick this arvo so the sweetie could get a new mini stereo for the bedroom (the last one died - won't power on - probably something simple, but not for us.  Besides, he wanted one with an iPod dock).  Stopped in at Officeworks so I could buy some paper (so I don't have to keep stealing paper from work to make my origami). 

Apparently the water signs had another farewell message on them yesterday, but when we went past the one on Barry Drive today it was turned off :(

Came home and made another dodecahedron, this time a three-coloured one.  Looks pretty good.  It's a pity it takes so long to fold PHiZZ units, or I'd have made a bigger one.  Learnt about the Hamiltonian Path.  Photos soon - will be doing some more dedicated stuff for all the origami I've been doing.  This site totally made my night!  Will be naffing some of the patterns off that to make :)

Also made excellent progress on the jigsaw.  Did more on it today than in the three weeks or so that I worked on the flowers.

And just so this blog entry isn't completely colourless..

An eastern rosella in the neighbour's tree the other morning.

Eastern Rosella


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