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This was a jigsaw my brother did and brought up one time.  All that green was a bit annoying (the all the pieces are the same shape - blerf).

Koala jigsaw

This was from our old family collection I think.  It's Mariefred in Sweden.

Mariefred Jigsaw

This was one of David's from Picton I think.  500 pieces, super quick - I think I did it in about an hour and a half.

Train jigsaw

Another one from the old family collection.  Whoever did it last couldn't be bothered separating every piece, so I had to do it :(:(  But I did separate the pieces into "sections" (sky, path, buildings etc) which saved an awful lot of sorting later.

Austria jigsaw

Austria jigsaw

And one Mum won and she did herself (!!! - she never does jigsaws - this one took her weeks).  I did it in about two and a quarter hours :)

Mountain jigsaw

Earlier this year I scanned this photo taken from Sydney Tower 1983

Sydney Tower August 1983

Here's the same view as at December 2011

Sydney Tower December 2011

More Christmas pics

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Just a few more pics for Christmas..

Still loving the Frozen inspired Christmas tree

Blue tree

Christmas tree and lights

The weekend before last I made a big batch of gingerbread cookies using a recipe in this month's Coles magazine.  Straight out of the oven they were pretty hard and dry, but they softened up over the week.

Gingerbread ingredients

Gingerbread dough

Gingerbread cookies

I decorated them using the leftover icing and lollies from the gingerbread kits of two years ago

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread cookies

Lakeside Village

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I realised I never actually posted a photo of the paint-by-numbers I spent like four months doing!

Here it is!

Paint by numbers - Lakeside Village

Here's the eighteen colours it came with

Paint by numbers paints

And here's the twenty-one extra colours that I had to blend (there were eighteen colours to start with, but the pots were all very large and only the dark brown one was almost finished when I was done - they could have made most of pots smaller and actually provided the extra colours! #grunt)

Paint by numbers extra colours

Somewhat annoyingly, several of the colours were all clumpy, and needed water to thin them out.

Dodgy paint

Also, many of the paints weren't thick enough to be completely opaque - most areas needed at least two coats, which was super super annoying.

So while it was a lovely picture, and the detail was amazing and there weren't any mistakes on the board, I'm not sure I'd buy another set from this brand again.

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