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Week 500

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Apparently it's week 500 of Unconscious Mutterings.. 

Haven't done one of these in *forever*!

  1. Call :: to say
  2. Instinct :: basic
  3. Toffee :: apple
  4. Cleaner :: carpet
  5. Gut :: wrench
  6. Leveled :: playing field
  7. Discover :: the universe
  8. Together :: alone
  9. Attack :: of the clones
  10. String :: instrument

Bucky Balls

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A couple of weeks ago, the US moved to ban the sale of "Buckyballs".  So I went out and paid a fortune for four sets from the Australian Geographic store.  These were the smaller 5x5x5 cubes of only 125 balls, rather than the 6x6x6 set of 216 I got a couple of years back.

Word on the street is Australia is set to follow suit.  This may be your last chance to buy Buckyballs, so go get some before they ban them!

Strong warnings are not good enough.  People are still too stoopid.  Stoopid people get fun stuff banned. (I'm looking at you, you idiots who liked to blow their faces off with fireworks).
All my Buckyballs, I think there were two leftover
The four 5x5x5 packs *almost* make an 8x8x8 cube

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