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Last weekend I finished geotagging all of my holiday photos.  I'm still working on my parents' photos.  They won't be done as accurately though.

Here's a couple of fun things..

My geotagging of Legoland in Denmark.  The big cluster of blue is "miniland"
Geotagging Legoland
The big circle across the globe.  Copenhagen->Zurich then Zurich->Narita
Big Circle geotag
This is the furthest north I've ever been on (or above) the planet.  68 degrees, 29 minutes, 29 seconds.
Most northerly point
And a photo taken near that northernmost point.
Most northerly point

Skiing July

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During our team meeting on Thursday I was complaining about people who didn't respond to emails or meeting invites.  Since one of the meetings was for Friday, but I still didn't have response for it, Steve said "come to the snow".  So I did!  Postponed the meeting til Monday (in which case I'll *still* probably have to call the guy and say "do you want any help with this project or not?").

So up at stoopid o'clock (just before 5am).  Dozed in the car but didn't really sleep.  Picked up gear at Cooma and had Scottish Restaurant for breakfast.

We parked at Smiggins, but still had a hike to the ticket office.  Got myself sorted and was on the snow at 9am.

It was an awesome day for it.  Good snow (although a little thin in places) and glorious sunny skies.  In fact I had to take my beanie and eventually gloves off because it was just too hot.  Queues weren't too bad in most places - only a couple that I had to wait more than a couple of minutes for (Ridge Quad and Happy Valley T).  

Lunch was at Blue Cow at 12pm, and was surprisingly uncrowded (probably because most people were outside enjoying the sunshine).  Left a bit after 4:30pm.

Blue Cow Terminal from Side Saddle
Blue Cow terminal from Side Saddle
Main Ranges from Guthega Peak
Main ranges from Guthega Peak
The last time I did Norwegian Trail at Guthega was in 1999 and I didn't see the dam, presumably because of trees in the way.  So was quite surprised when I saw it this time.
Guthega Pondage
Riding a T-Bar in Guthega
On a T-bar at Guthega
Blue Cow Terminal from Blue Cow High Traverse
Blue Cow terminal from Blue Cow High Traverse
Last time I was at the snow I had the GPS with me, and recorded a pretty cool track for the day.  This year I decided to cover as much of the resort as possible, and go on as many different lifts and runs as I could.  I did pretty well, not repeating too much, but didn't get to Mount P.  Oh well - next time!

Skiing GPS track
Twenty eight lift/t-bar rides, twenty green runs, nine blue runs (although some of them were mixed up a bit).  44.6 kilometres covered on skis (includes lifts).  And I didn't fall over at all.  Awesome day :):)


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1927 are coming to Canberra!!!!!!  Who wants to go with me? :)


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I've been working through my geotagging steadily, doing a few days' worth tonight.  I've now geotagged all of the Israel and Jordan photos.  Next step will be culling out the truly boring ones (like all the pictures I took of everything I ate!) and burning DVDs for anyone in the group who wants a copy.

Some of the places were a little challenging as I turned off the GPS logger while I was at a place that involved just walking, because some of the days were very long and the battery wasn't quite good enough to last all day. 

Here's the track around Jordan, including the flight to Cairo which carefully avoided Israeli airspace!

Jordan geotagging

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