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Blue Flowers

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Just because they're cute :)

Blue flowers

Actew Sharks

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Did you know the foyer of ActewAGL has sharks circling about inside?

ActewAGL Sharks
ActewAGL Sharks

Save Bucky Balls!!

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So most Australian states have interim bans in place for the sale of Buckyballs.  Not sure what that means for imports.  Just in case, I did another stocking up trip.  This time direct from Get Buckyballs.  And saved a fortune.  Buying 216 from them was only slightly more expensive than buying 125 from Australian Geographic.  I got myself another 216 originals and 216 blue-green ones.  And got Stu a couple of packs of cubes.  And a set of "Bucky Bigs" to have at work.  And because I got in during a promotion to "save our balls" I got a tshirt, case and sticker for free as well.  

More Buckyballs
They matched my fingernails last week
Blue buckyballs
C60 - but you have to imagine the hexagons in between
Twelve of the above balls make a "mega buckyball"
Mega buckybal
I think I should have bought myself another couple of packs of 216 though...
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