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Cotter Dam open day

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Braved the crazy rain and wind this morning to go out to the Cotter Dam open day.  Of course the wind was blowing the rain in horizontally, so used Random Camera, as big camera is a lot harder to shield from the rain.  So not the greatest set of pictures ever, but will send em in to the RiotACT anyway.

Cotter Dam open day
Cotter Dam open day
Cotter Dam open day

As seen at the Canberra Centre on Friday night..

Canberra Centre fail

Three for three!!!

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So I posted a whole heap of pics off to the RiotACT last night.  And I got my name on an article headline! W00t!! :)

Belconnen Community Bus Interchange

Dodger's Death

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Oh Ann Polley how I miss you!!  I really really must track that girl down.. I never realised (because I didn't *get* people) what a kindred spirit she was til years later...

Who could forget such gems as "The Boogey Man"  (The boogey man is gonna getcha, the boogey man is coming today, the boogey man is gonna getcha, just keep outta his way) or the Suicide Song (Are you going to end your life, arsenic ratsac and cyanide, or find a cliff and jump at low tide (don't remember the next line)).  

But what I did find tonight was "Dodger's Death".  Written in around 1989 it fancifully described what might have happened to Dodger..

Dodger's Death

Famous.. again!

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So this time I actually listened to DC's advice and sent a bunch of my pictures into the RiotACT.

And they appeared on the site today! Huzzah!! :)

They seriously mustn't get many photos if all the photos I've ever sent have been posted...
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