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IP Conflict

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Only posting this cause I haven't gotten around to downloading my phone pics from last night .. 

We saw this at The Scottish Restaurant the other night.. we all got a giggle out of it..

IP conflict

Two years ago today we had an epic squee day in the Austrian Alps, finishing in F├╝ssen and seeing Neuschwanstein!


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This is Annie's family's new kitty.. apparently her name is Daisy but it gets called Titty ..  she doesn't seem to like people too much .. must get terrorised by the kids too much..


Two years ago today we left Cologne and headed for Berlin...

Week 379

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I don't think I've done one of these in about three years...

Creepy :: crawly
Links :: hyper
Sane :: in
Bun :: hot-crossed
Visual :: aesthetics
Remote :: desktop
Freaking :: out
Curly :: hair
Saga :: epic
Different :: strokes  (does that make me old?)

Two years ago today we caught a train from Frankfurt to Cologne via Mainz and marvelled over the cute villages and castles along the Rhine River, and were awestruck by the Cologne cathedral.. was a very good day..
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