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Fiona got back from her Europe trip the other day, and finally got the rest of her photos online (which I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the been-theres in :) ).

I squealed over this photo - quite simply because I'd seen it.. well.. sort of.  Actually we never did get to see much of Frankfurt in person, however we did see it at Legoland...

Look at the detail!  Look how accurate it is!  (Look at the cross-hatching of that middle building - there's a bit of asymmetry on the second-top floor, which is actually like that in real life!!)

Very squee :) 

Australia Jigsaw

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Did this jigsaw on the weekend.  Quite possibly the easiest 500-piece jigsaw I've ever done.

Australia jigsaw


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One of the boxes I unpacked in the garage contained what's left of my ornament collection.

I did have quite a few more things, but I gave them away before I moved to Canberra (I took photos of everything before I gave them away).  Actually just looking over the photos now I suppose maybe I could have kept more of them.  I think the little plastic dogs I should have kept.  And the painted egg.  And the large horse.  And the dolphin kinetic balancer ..   annnyhoo..

This is what I did keep:

Kazza's ornaments
The larger swan I'm pretty sure was a gift from Donna Bonnefin early in primary school.  When the smaller one came along it went well with it.

The penguin I got on Philip Island in 1990.

The dandelion in resin I bought up at Randwick a year or two before I left Sydney.  The Faculty Dean had one like it on his desk that I drooled over every time I saw it, so when I saw them for sale I snatched one up at ~$50 I think it was.  Apparently they wreck a lot of dandelions before they get one that works.  I'll post a better pic of it some time.

The squirrel (squirrel!!) I got in Disneyland in 1983.  It was a souvenir that I chose when the parents said we could choose something.

The larger of the two horses was a replacement for one of my earliest ornaments.  I got the original in either kindergarten or first class.  He was called Bow (or Beau?) and I took him to school for show and tell.  Three points if you can get what happened.  We tried to superglue his broken leg back on, but it never really worked.  A year or two later I got a replacement!  And some time after that got the smaller one.

The pet rock has bit of scaly nose that looks a lot like a lizard.  I wrote a creative writing piece in English one year about her.  I remember the first line was "Liz was a rock".

The yellow bouncy thing I also got in primary school.  For some reason it reminds me of Bryony Walker.  

The crystal elephant was a gift from Guy when we were dating.

Liquid Paper

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Or more correctly in this case, "correcting fluid" (Liquid Paper is a specific brand name, invented by Bette Nesmith Graham (mother of Monkees member Michael Nesmith) in 1951).  I used to use liquid paper in high school but it always dried up before the end of the bottle was reached (oh the joy of a fresh new bottle of liquid paper!).  

So I was pretty excited when Pentel came out with a better applicator, and used those forevermore (until I left uni anyway heh).

And I was even more excited the other day when I found a bottle (still liquid!) in one of Stu's pencil cases. :)

Pentel Correction Pen

Hello Possum!

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Saw this guy scampering down a tree outside Stu's work last night.  Thought it was a squirrel at first (squirrel!!) but we don't have those here, so of course it had to be a possum.  Stu came out and it ran back up the tree.  Very cute.



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I had this dream the other night.  Someone asked me what the latitude and longitude for Canberra was.  I said well Sydney is 151 east and 34 south, so I imagine Canberra would be 149 or 150 east, and 35 or 36 south.  I then pulled out my iPhone to try and confirm the answer.  But do you think I could find it??  No matter what I did, the Google searches wouldn't give me what I wanted, even bringing back image searches.  It was all very frustrating, and of course I didn't get my answer.

So when I woke up, first thing I did was try it..

Ha!  So not only does it work nicely, but I was actually even correct in my guesstimate :)

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