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Two years ago today the sweetie and I took off on our honeymoon.

It wasn't very well planned.  Apart from where we were going to be for how many nights, almost nothing was planned in advance.  We did a lot of our planning when we arrived in cities with Wikipedia.  But it still turned out really well, except for a couple of not so great days.

I said at the end of it that "Hopefully it won't take two years to do like my USA photos did..." and now here it is.. two years later...!  So I went on a mission over the last couple of weeks to select highlights for my photo site and from those highlights for the blog entries.  I haven't finished yet, but I've made decent enough progress.  Hopefully I'll keep ahead of myself to link to each new day as it comes.

So.  Day 1.  We left Sydney at Stoopid O'Clock and flew to Narita in Japan.  Had a walk around Narita and dinner a cute little restaurant.  

Here it is! Day 1 of our honeymoon, exactly two years ago today....

Big Mac

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Had my first ever Big Mac today.  I've never ever had one before, so since we were going to Maccas I thought I'd try one :) 

It wasn't very big.  I was starving by 5:30pm.  I did like the special sauce though.

Big Mac
I also got the rest of the Toy Story minifigs.. how cute are these? :)

Toy Story minifigs

Me being the obsessive person that I am, decided to find the locations of some of the opening scenes in The Sound of Music.  

This one stumped me:
Kloster Höglwörth, Germany
.. because in some of the "movie location" websites, it's stated that the castles they fly over include Schloss Fuschl on Fuschlsee.  I don't have a screenshot to prove that they *didn't* film that one, but I did take screen shots of two castles in close up - the one above, and another that was easy to find - Schloss Anif south of Salzburg.  

So the picture above was annoying me.  I wanted to know where it was dammit!  

Well Google Earth to the rescue!

Spent a good half an hour touring the lakes of Austria trying to find it.  Did a search for schloss in the area but still couldn't find it.  Then did a search for church, and finally a search for Kloster.  And there it was - Kloster Höglwörth in Germany!  Not in Austria's Lake District at all!

Anyway.. moving on ...

We picked up a bag of these Lindt Fioretto Limette Lime Lindt Balls when we arrived in Frankfurt and finished them a few days later in Berlin.  They were epic win!!!  Have been wanting more ever since!!

Lindt Fioretto Limette Lime Lindt Balls

ISS again

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So this time I was home, and had a tripod :)


StartTime: 19:10:02Alt: 10Az: SW
Max AltitudeTime: 19:12:26Alt: 51Az: WSW
EndsTime: 19:12:26Alt: 51Az: WSW
Magnitude: -2.5Exposure: 10 seconds


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As we were arriving at Libby's last night we saw the International Space Station soaring overhead.  Had I been home I would have had the tripod out and documented the occasion.  As it was I whipped the camera out and documented it hand held style.  

This is what a 2.5 second exposure looks like hand held and zoomed a bit .. (first pic has Southern Cross pointers on the left for reference - the ISS went between these and then disappared into the earth's shadow)

Time: 18:46:00
Alt: 10

Max Altitude
Time: 18:48:34
Alt: 30

Time: 18:48:34
Alt: 30

Magnitude: -2.2

Haven't done anything like this for a while.. stolen off Dave2
Bold for which ones I've visited.

  1. Pyramids of Egypt
  2. Chichen Itza
  3. Pompeii
  4. Mont St Michel
  5. Great Wall of China
  6. Petra
  7. Kashmir Valley
  8. Topkapi Palace
  9. Taj Mahal
  10. Nile River Cruise
  11. Prague Old Town
  12. Carnival in Rio
  13. Serengeti Migration
  14. Easter Island
  15. Golden Temple
  16. Stonehenge
  17. Galapagos Islands
  18. Cappadocia
  19. Amalfi Drive
  20. Angel Falls
  21. Grand Canyon
  22. Colosseum of Rome
  23. Meenakshi
  24. Yellowstone National Park
  25. Machu Picchu
  26. Fjords of Norway
  27. Chartres Cathedral
  28. Santorini
  29. Antarctica Cruise
  30. St Peter’s Basilica
  31. Mezquita Cordoba
  32. Matterhorn
  33. Iguazu Falls
  34. Egyptian Museum
  35. Damascus Old City
  36. New York Skyline
  37. Bali
  38. Borobudur
  39. Dubrovnik
  40. Marrakesh
  41. Amazon Rain Forest
  42. Valley of the Kings
  43. Uffizi Gallery
  44. Eiffel Tower
  45. Ngorongoro Crater
  46. Hong Kong
  47. Rio Panoramic View
  48. Ladakh
  49. Great Barrier Reef
  50. Sistine Chapel
  51. Golden Pavilion
  52. Niagara Falls
  53. Angkor Wat
  54. Burj Khalifa
  55. Delphi
  56. British Museum
  57. Victoria Falls
  58. Alhambra
  59. St. Basil’s Cathedral
  60. Burj al Arab
  61. Forbidden City
  62. Louvre Museum
  63. Abu Simbel
  64. Yangtze River Cruise
  65. Bagan
  66. Canals of Venice
  67. St Mark’s Basilica
  68. Yosemite
  69. Karnak
  70. Versailles
  71. Florence Cityscape
  72. Ayers Rock
  73. Teotihuacan
  74. Carlsbad Caverns
  75. Kremlin
  76. Hermitage Museum
  77. Banaue Rice Terraces
  78. Mecca
  79. Varanasi/Ganges
  80. Chambord Chateau
  81. Bora Bora
  82. Kathmandu Valley
  83. Li River Cruise
  84. Lijiang/Shangri La
  85. Acropolis
  86. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  87. Shwedagon Stupa
  88. Neuschwanstein Castle
  89. Potala Palace
  90. Mt Everest
  91. Sahara Desert
  92. Banff National Park
  93. Jerusalem Old City
  94. Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  95. Leaning Tower Pisa
  96. San Francisco
  97. TerraCotta Warriors
  98. Hagia Sofia
  99. Baalbek
  100. Portofin

That was a bit boring actually .. only been to eleven of those places.. oh well..
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