Day 14 - Friday 6 May - Geneva to Friedrichshafen

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Bit of a strange day today.

Didn't seem to get as hot last night. Slept til 6am. Didn't eat as much breakfast this morning either. On the road at 8:30.

Had a pitstop near Berne, back into German speaking territory.

Then onto Zurich. We got taken to the Grossmunster and the Zwingli monument but then we got set loose on the town with no idea what we could do or where we could go or what we could see. So other than going up the tower in the Grossmunster I had no idea what we should do next. So we wandered down to the lake, then back up to the square in the old town and inside the Fraumunster (no photos though). But I was missing the sweetie and I was hungry. Except I only wanted something small but that just didn't seem to be an option. Everything was cafes and I really didn't a big meal. Even found a small food stall but the smallest savoury thing there was a sausage in bread roll - way too much food. So we wandered aimlessly. I thought later that if I'd seen a McDonalds that would have been perfect - at least at maccas you can get a small serving of food. I'm sick of eating too much.

And then we left Zurich and then we left Switzerland. And I never got any fondue. Because the only chance we got for fondue was at lunch, and have I mentioned already that I'm sick of eating too much food? Basically I would have had to have given up one of the group dinners. Which in hindsight I probably should have done yesterday. If I could have convinced mum and Glenda to join me. hrmm. Suppose that means we'll have to come back one day. If I can convince the sweetie to go to Europe with me again one day.

So then into Zeppelin territory. The last time we drove that road was 22 May 2008. Except we had a very grey day and couldn't see across Bodensee into Switzerland. Today we could. We actually stopped at the Birnau church that we only took a photo of last time. It's crazy over-the-top inside.

Before I left home I grabbed a couple of books to read while on the coach. I grabbed The Tower, which I've already finished, and The Hindenburg Disaster, which I'm nearly half way through (in two days). It was a little surreal reading that book on the drive today!

Hotel is nice enough, although sadly our room has no view (facing northwest). It does have a nice desk setup though, including USB charging socket in the wall.

Dinner was in the hotel restaurant. Rockmelon and proscuitto for entree, turkey roll for mains (very salty) and a semolina dumpling with berries for dessert. Have the airconditioning going on full cold. Hopefully mum will go for a walk and get back hot so that she won't mind a cool room.. if it actually gets cool!!

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