Day 10 - Monday 2 May - Worms to Strasbourg

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So my day began at ~3:30am when the guttering dude rang. Grunt. Only got a little bit more sleep after than (maybe half an hour).

Breakfast range was even smaller today, but still perfectly adequate.

After breakfast, shutting down the computer, it decided for the second day in a row to install windows updates. Grunt. So had to cart the laptop around because I didn't have time to put it in my suitcase before we left.

Had a morning pitstop near Baden Baden, then onto Strasbourg.

Firstly we had a driving tour of the city, then a walking tour. Quite a pretty little city. Went inside St Thomas Church, had some lunch and some free time, then into the cathedral and up to the bell tower lookout. Afterwards went for a walk back to where we started to get up on top of the bridge gate thingie to look at the towers in the sun.

Then to the hotel. But by the time we'd walked to the coach and driven around the city, we'd actually have been quicker to walk to the hotel. I'd previously looked up local laundromats and found one very close to the hotel, so popped down there before dinner to wash all my clothes.

Dinner at the hotel was ok, but not the best meal so far.

And this room is HOT. They had the heater on when we arrived !?!? so turned that off and opened the window (no aircon at all). But it's still hot.  And the bathroom has these heating pipes going through it that an't be turned off :(:(:( Sleeping tonight might be a challenge.

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