Day 6 - Thursday 28 April - Wittenberg

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Slept mostly ok last night (although woke up at 5am). The pillows compress down to wafer thinness so had to use both and keep floofing them up. The sink isn't as good for clothes washing either - quite a bit smaller. The breakfast buffet is quite decent.

Today we headed back north to go to Wittenberg. Martin Luther spent many years there and it was full all sorts of history.

We started at the eastern end of town and made our way west.

So first stop was the little area at the edge of town where Martin Luther burnt the papal bull concerning his excommunication in 1520.

Then into the Lutherhaus which is where Luther lived for much of his life and includes his remarkably well preserved living room and a bunch of paintings by Cranach the Elder.

A couple of houses down is Melanchton's house which has been remodelled on the inside over the years.

By this time we'd reached the main market square and it was lunch time so we had an hour's break. I waited a little while for the sun to come out on the Rathaus, then we went to find somewhere warm and a toilet. Even in the shopping centres you have to pay to go to the toilet here. Wrong. So wrong. Had some hot chocolate and shared a donut and warmed up.

After the lunch break we carried on.

First stop was the main city church.

Then had a look at the outside of the Cranach house.

And finally reached the Castle church where Luther is said to have posted his 95 theses to the door. Sadly the church is closed off for renovations at the moment for the 500th anniversary of the reformation next year, but we could at least see the doors that have the theses in bronze.

The whole town tour went from 10:30am to 3:00pm so it was quite a long day even though we only covered about 1.5km.

Back to Leipzig and we got dropped off at the western edge of town and left to fend for ourselves for a couple of hours. Tried to go up the tower at St Thomas' but it's only open Friday/Saturday. So did a meandering wander up to the Hauptbahnhof, then back through the old town.

Dinner was at a Czech restaurant. Nice enough, but bread-heavy and almost no vegetables in sight. There was a vegetable soup (with just a few slivers of veggies) and bread, a beef stew with bread (only beef, no veggies), and a sweat bread roll with custard and cream. Too. Much. Bread. And not enough veggies.

Then back to the hotel to do the evening routine.

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