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Live Long and Prosper

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I liked that quote so much it was the sig on my email for years.  

I was so fascinated by Spock I used to watch Great Mysteries of the World every week just to see Leonard Nimoy.  

Rest in peace.


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So last night we finished watching Veronica Mars season 3.  And I was just annoyed last night as I was the last time I saw it in 2007 when it just *stopped*.  And then I read this morning that Rob Thomas did that deliberately!  Bastard!!

Anyway, tonight we watched the movie again.  Which was great, probably better than the first time I saw it because the series was so fresh in my mind, and not a seven year gap like last time.  Although her super lowered voice annoyed me.  I thought it may have been the production, but possibly related to her pregnancies .. maybe..


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CitizenfourLast Wednesday night, we went out for dinner with EffanC (to Kinh Do - lots of really yummy food).

Then we headed into Civic to see Citizenfour.

I thought it was very interesting and thought-provoking, although I did get distracted from time to time by the whole film making process.

My dad used to lose it at governments doing that sort of stuff.  He was completely paranoid, hated the idea of "big brother" and even raged at having to do the census.  But, probably because he was like that, I feel a lot less paranoid.  Maybe because I feel like I have such a boring life that why would anyone *care*?  Probably not the right attitude, but I suppose it's one of the lesser likely things to keep me awake at night.

And, relatedly, it was just that same morning that I was doing some testing of our proxies (Simon says!) to see what is logged during image searches, and what images are returned from sites that are blocked.  It seems the image searches return images from Google rather than from the blocked site itself, means that things can show up that shouldn't.

So for anyone watching, that image search I did on "weapons making" was just for testing!


So this was dinner at Kinh Do

Kinh Do spring rolls

Kinh Do grilled chicken lemon grass

Kinh Do pork

Kinh Do beef cashew nut

Kinh Do ginger fish

And this was the bar at the theatre

Palace Electric bar


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I've been playing Candy Crush for probably the last year and a half or so.  But I've pretty much given it up.  I got thoroughly sick of hard level after hard level that would take days each to get past.  Some of the hard levels were interesting or took a little bit of skill, but most were just tedious, or you died too quickly (death by bombs urgghh), or were just plain impossible without sheer amounts of luck.  I got up to 690 in reality, a thoroughly awful level that pushed me over the edge of quitting, and 272 in Dreamworld, which I imagine would only be possible to with an awful lot of luck and/or boosters.

I wonder if King keeps stats on what levels people quit at.  Because they do change the difficulty of levels sometimes.  Maybe if they were to do that I'd come back to it.

Today I spent about six hours doing doco and change paperwork.  Didn't actually *do* anything :/

One year on

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Last night was one year since dad died.  I've been listening to the list of "Dad songs" I posted last year.

Mum is doing well, and loving her new life in the retirement village.

There's some things I miss about dad (his technological knowledge and some of his quirks), and some things I certainly don't (his grumpy personality).  

I still have dreams that he's still alive, or that he recovered and came home to a house/garage that we'd cleared out of all his stuff.  The number of times I said "sorry dad" while we were getting rid of his stuff.. I think it haunted me slightly.

Yeah so what a marathon effort that cleanout was!  It took us about sixteen months, although it really accelerated in the last two months when mum had to move out.  I well and truly lost count of how many trips to Sydney I did!

Parents' Garage

Garage cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Dad's workshop

Workshop cleanout

Back alcove Back alcove

Back alcove Back alcove

Front alcove Front alcove

The Theory of EverythingAnother week, a different scientist/mathemetician.... last night we went along with EffanC to see The Theory of Everything.

I quite enjoyed it.

Eddie Redmayne's performance was brilliant.

I found it quite emotional (but then, we went to Palace Electric, so I'd had a couple of glasses of wine).  

But it is mostly about the relationships.  For the geek in me I would have liked a bit more of the science as well.

Didn't get much done for the rest of the day yesterday.  Just a bit of house tidying, jigsawing etc.

Today not much either, other than a bit of food shopping at the markets this morning.

But you'll be pleased to know I finally did the vacuuming.

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