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Morks, Florey

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Went to Morks in Florey tonight with Tony, Heather and Jess.  Sooo good but omigosh am I full now!!

Before entree they brought out one of these each - papadum with lettuce and satay sauce - yum!!
Morks, Florey
Angel prawns
Morks, Florey
Pork balls
Morks, Florey
I had "Duck" - Duck Maryland, slow cooked in spices then fried, red curry sauce, lychee and tomatoes, crispy rice cakes, crisped basil leaves.
This dish was fantastic - great duck, those rice cakes were amazing, and the deep fried basil leaves - translucent and chewy and all kinds of awesome.
Morks, Florey
They also brought us out a little scoop of lychee gelato, which was just nice, because we were all too full for dessert, but this was a lovely finish.
Morks, Florey
The place was totally booked out - you have to reserve a table days in advance.  Would definitely go back!

Well that's what someone said.  Two people actually.  Or something that effect.  

Which is nice :)

Cause at first I thought everything was too easy.  Then I thought everything was too hard.  Probably an ok mix.

Biggest fails were the Google Doodles (too easy) and the Celebrity Birth Names (too hard).  And those big filler rounds were a pain to mark!

Anyways .. until next time... hrmmmm... :)
Weird day today.  Next to no sleep, maybe a couple of hours.  Power tripped during the storm.  Got home and reset everything.  Then everything turned off again.  Bit of a bang.  Looked out the window to a little plume of smoke rising into the sky.  Things don't work when people let the smoke out.  So figured out how to open the garage door manually and headed to ANU with Theatre-Buddy-Dave to see Fiddler on the Roof which we'd seen advertised at work.  It was a pretty good production and my legs weren't even too restless.  Parking at ANU is mental.  Was glad I was super early getting out of the house, cause otherwise I would have been super late.. Power wasn't off for too long which was good.  Was half expecting it to still be off.  So that was good.

Eighteen months ago today we explored the Scottish Highlands north and west of Fort William.

Keeping Busy

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Somehow I let the 18-month anniversaries of our UK trip sneak up on me, which means instead of using the six months to select photos for the blog, I really haven't done any of it.  Which means I'm just as rushed now as I was six months ago.  Doh.

Eighteen months ago today I went up the London Eye, Tower Bridge and went into the Tower of London, as well as seeing the first Leaky Cauldron!
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