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Went and saw Hugo tonight.

Unfortunately for me I heard too many people say how good it was.  Because whenever people do that I start to expect too much.  And then I enjoy it less.

Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely film, it's just it got over hyped in my brain and I was expecting miracles.  Doh.

We saw it in 3D as recommended.  And it was nicely done.  But really.  3D?  Meh.  I'm still not convinced, even by a movie that's supposed to be one of the better ones.

So anyway.

Had a light dinner at Gus' beforehand.  

Vegetarian nachos for the sweetie

Gus' nachos

And "Miti paigani" for me.  Not really sure what I was expecting, but it really wasn't this.  Oh well.

Gus' miti paigani


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Went to Sammy's for dinner tonight.

I was intrigued by Crispy lamb in shantung sauce, which turned out to be delicious!

Sammy's Canberra
And we also had Drunken chicken with ginger and shallot sauce, which was lovely and tender but didn't have the same flavour punch as the lamb.

Sammy's Canberra


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So my little brother took this photo this morning:

Menangle crash
Three people died in that car :(:(  I'll be curious to know what happened.  Did the driver of the truck fall asleep momentarily?  Did he swerve to avoid something and lose control?  Was there any sort of mechanical fault?

But the most unsettling thing for me personally - my brother was just minutes behind this.  It could have been him under that truck...

I had a very weird thing happen to me today.  I know, you can hit me now.

I had this realisation that the thing I wanted to do most today was documentation.  Maybe because everything else on my todo list was less pleasurable heh ;)  Maybe it's because I realised that out of the eighteen large "client" projects I've worked on since I started there, seven of them are current and I'm working on them at the moment.  That's enough to make my head spin just thinking about it!

Documentation is something I can do quietly by myself, don't have to talk to useless vendors, don't have to talk to other people (except to ask the odd question), I can just *do it* and actually achieve something at the end of the day.

Just for fun, here's the time lapse I put together of the jigsaw I did yesterday...


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Woke up this morning and one of the first things I saw was that Heather (Dooce) has separated from her husband, at least for a trial.  Which made me pretty sad.  I mean these guys have had problems forever (they've been in therapy for years), but there were still times when they seemed very much in love.  So yeah. Sadmaking.

Meanwhile, the cockatoos were making a racket this morning, so while I had the camera out to photograph the sunflowers, I took a bunch of photos of the birds.

Sulphur crested cockatoo
Sulfur crested cockatoo
Sulfur crested cockatoo
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
Sulfur crested cockatoo in flight
ok so yeah.  Might have gone slightly overboard :):):)

The War of the Worlds

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Finished reading The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells today.  I've read a couple of his books over the years - The Invisible Man and The Time Machine.  I think I read The Time Machine in high school as part of a project to read a book not written in the 20th century.

So yeah, War of the Worlds.  A little odd.  Quite anticlimactic at the end.  And in answer to my question, it seems you never do find out the dude's name.  In fact I think the only named characters are the women his brother meets (oh and the astronomer at the beginning).  At one point he's talking about some artillery or something being the most powerful weaponry ever seen.  And I'm like "Is that all?" .. and then I remember this was written before both World Wars! heh

I'm going to see if I can get out to Woking next time I'm in London...  


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As discussed yesterday, I got us tickets to see Tintin tonight!

So yeah, it was 3D.  I don't think 3D really added anything to it.  Should have just got and seen it in 2D.  Oh well.

So definitely a lot of fun.  A bit "yeah right" in places, but that's to be expected.  One thing I did like was the super long shots during the action scenes.  Which of course they can do when the whole thing is animated.  A real-life action movie would have them chopping camera angles every half a second.  The long shots made it fun to watch.

Enjoyed the references to the comic strips.  Which I haven't seen in probably twenty five years.  I don't think I've read any of the books since I was in primary school!!

Fun stuff.  Worth seeing.  In 2D.  :)
So I read this article the other day, and Dave2 commented on it as well.  After buying tickets last night for Tintin, I thought I'd put in my $0.02 worth.

1. The absence of a must-see mass-market movie..
Does Harry Potter count?  Final instalment and all that.  In fact it was the only movie I even saw at a cinema last year.

2. Ticket prices are too high..
This is my biggest gripe.  Case in point: Last night I got tickets for the sweetie and me to go see Tintin this week.  $41 for the two of us.  Forty one freaking dollars!  That's ridiculous!  That's nearly three times the cost of getting it on DVD in a few months time.  We have a nice TV, we'd be better off just waiting.

3. The theater experience..
Well the Dodgy Dendy has always been an issue... but that's another story.  Generally Australians aren't *too* bad at mobile phone usage in cinemas.  I really only have issues with other cinema-goers if the angle is wrong and I get someone tall in front of me.  What's actually more of a pain is the ticket buying process.  In this age of allocated seating, you really need to get tickets early.  Which means either buying online (additional cost and I don't know that you can use movie money) or going to the theatre days in advance.  You can't just turn up at a movie theatre anymore and expect to be able to see the movie in a decent seat.  Kills any thought of an impromptu "let's go to the movies". 

4. Refreshment prices..
I've always avoided movie snacks on principle for this very reason.  But this has *always* been the case, nothing new.

5. Competition from other forms of delivery..
Or just waiting for it to come to TV.  But that rarely happens for me either.  If I don't care enough to see a movie at the cinema, I'm not likely to care enough to watch it on TV either.

6. Lack of choice..
Not a big issue for me.  I'm perfectly happy with a Hollywood blockbuster.  I fit into the lowest common denominator crowd.  The sweetie likes independent films more, but they're hard to see in Canberra.  The Dendy used to be a lot more focussed on this, and while they still do have them, they really just have the popular movies most of the time.

I reckon related to lack of choice is lack of anything original from Hollywood.  Weren't all the top grossing movies of last year remakes and sequels?  Lame!

Another gripe of mine is 3D.  I can't see the point of paying a premium to watch a movie dulled down by wearing sunglasses.  Especially since most movies these days are already washed out.  

But for me, I think I'm just getting old.  I just don't care about movies/tv like I used to.  I've barely used my dvd-recorder since I moved to Canberra.  If I miss something I miss something.  If I *really* want to see it, it's often online at the tv station's website.  Or just a bittorrent away...

Still alive..

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Again, still not spending a whole lot of time on the computer.  I am keeping a log of the week though, so be prepared for a completely boring post about our meals and video watching ;)

Dropping the ball

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Four days into the new year and I've already missed a day blogging.  Mainly because even though I've been on holidays, I've been doing jigsaws and cleaning desks and going camping and sightseeing and shopping and watching movies.. so sitting on my computer in the heat hasn't been all that appealing (especially with a few thousand photos to sort through!)

More posts to come soon ... hopefully ;)


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After we dropped Kore off in Mittagong yesterday, the sweetie and I had a good long chat on the drive back to Canberra.  We chatted about life and stuff, but also came up with some resolutions.  Of course most of these are things like exercise more and eat better, but a few personal ones as well.

Feeling positive about 2012 .. (except maybe about going back to work ;) )
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