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Tried out Mario Kart online.  Fun, but not the same as playing with people in the same room.  Plus you don't get the bots to play against, and the power up thingies don't seem to be as good.

After being home for two months I have *finally* seen all my UK holiday photos.  All 12000 of them.  !

We accidentally killed a bird the other day.  There's a big tub outside that had filled with water over recent weeks.  The bird must have been trying to get a drink and slipped in and drowned.  Sad sad sad.

This is a fun watch to prove that nothing new ever happens in soap operas.

Got MRTG working again on the router and three pcs. Although the router did lose its config after we kicked it the other morning which was quite annoying.

I made the RiotACT with yesterday's pictures!

Tonight's Glee (Furt) started off a bit lame but the second half was pretty awesome.

And because blog posts seem a little empty without pics..  here's some dramatic clouds taken a month or so ago..


Wagamama wassamatta?

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Friday night the sweetie and I went out for dinner.  We thought we'd try Wagamama, which I'd not been to before.

The food was ok (nothing super special) and the waiter we had was pretty good, but unfortunately the food service was terrible.  It was a full half hour between when my meal came out and when Stu's came out.  Pretty big fail there.  But they were nice enough to not charge us for it, plus we had an Entertainment Book voucher, so the whole meal went from being pretty expensive to actually reasonable.

I had chicken ramen ($17.50)
Stu had Yaki Soba.
For dessert I had White Chocolate and Ginger Cheesecake ($10.30).  Nice but a little dry.
Stu had Banana Katsu ($9.70)

Deathly Hallows So last Friday night we went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) (found a single person to take the third seat so we could book them, thanks Dave).  

Not bad.  Not hugely great, but decent.

What I did really like about it was that it was fairly faithful to the book.  The movies haven't been this faithful to the books since the first couple of movies.

Of course that meant it dragged on while they're wandering round the forest.  Which was a major complaint in the book. 

No explanation offered as to how the Burrow was magically rebuilt since the last movie.  No pun intended ;)

The ridiculous "coincidence" scene was thankfully dropped (where they *just happen* to be around some people they know and get some useful information).


Six months or so to go...

Wishful Drinking

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Last Friday night went with Dave (the only person who responded to my request for interest) to see Carrie Fisher in Wishful Drinking.

It was epic awesome!!

She's very funny, and can sing!  Although looks nothing like her! heh.

It was almost like she'd invited you over to her place and was just having a chat about her life and telling stories and it was just way cool.  She was even in slippers and comfortable clothes like you'd just popped by as an old friend.  

Thoroughly enjoyed it :)

Carrie Fisher

Of course as soon as we got home we had to watch A New Hope :)  Meant for a very late night.. oops :)
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