South West Rocks - Day 5

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So the last morning of our stay in South West Rocks and the sun comes out.  Hrmmm.

So we went up to the gaol again to get a few photos of it in the sun.

Trial Bay Gaol

Trial Bay Gaol

Trial Bay Gaol

View from Trial Bay Gaol car park

On the way back to the highway I got some photos of some of the houses and how they elevated them to keep off the flood plain.  

Some build their houses on a big mound

Flood plain houses

While others just go two stories

Flood plain houses

Had a maccas stop near Port Macquarie for lunch.  This is on the roundabout next to it.


Driving driving.

Saw some birds circling
Birds circling

The Rock!  It's still there!
The Rock

An F/A-18 near Williamtown

And arrival at our motel on Lake Macquarie around 4:30pm.  It has a nice view of the lake.

Warner's Bay

Warner's Bay

Watched the storm roll in.  Read a book.  And just chilled out for a bit.  Stepping out of the airconned-to-cold motel room was like stepping into a sauna.  It was that hot/humid, even after the storm had passed.

So headed into Newcastle to meet up with Fiona.  Was a lovely night and great to catch up with her again.  

Went to Goldbergs on Darby Street.

There was cheesy olive bread
Cheesy olive bread

I had "black pepper marinated lamb fillet" on a smashed kipfler and apple rosti topped with sumac aioli.  It was delish!
Goldberg lamb

Stu had "lemon and thyme baked ricotta" with warm olive and pind nut salad, watercress, roasted capsicum and chilli jam
Goldbergs ricotta

Fiona had a pretty amazing platter of goodies.

The little lioness

Then back to the motel to crash.  The aircon worked super well and made the room lovely and cold to sleep!


Fiona said:

*wavves* :D

February 3, 2013 9:40 AM



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