L�wenbr�u Keller take 3

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Took Stu along to L�wenbr�u Keller tonight. We got there quite early (like 5:20) and had a couple of beers (biers) and chatted, and then ordered dinner (I couldn't resist the pork belly, and Stu had some nice sausages). It was very quiet in the restaurant (I was hoping it would be - I thought it would be nicer to go on a Wednesday rather than a Friday night, and turns out it was, and being early certainly helped). So that was all rather pleasant, considering the 30C day (all day!).

Then got home and it was still very hot, even after 8pm, so decided to go for a quick dip. The water was *freezing*!! - so cold that Stu didn't even get all the way in. But I did for about 10-15 minutes, and it was very refreshing.

And then we watched House and did some boring domestic stuff, and about to head off to bed :)

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