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Up and down kind of a day today. Sucky people at work and frustrating .wk4 file formats. Long and lively staff meeting at cia (and I'd just like to say for the record right here that I think nothing will change - it's one of those laws of entropy isn't it?). Longgg catchup with Luke after which was great, haven't talked to him much recently. We chatted in the middle of the road for two hours about work, hobbies, fish, collectables, dvds, etc, was excellent. Ploughed through the support mail getting it from 25 to 4 in under 2 hours.

Just enough time for a this-or-that:

1. TV or radio?
CD jukebox! Radio in the car, tv I try to watch only when there's something specific on, otherwise I don't get anything done
2. On the radio: talk or music station?
Music. Actually on the way home tonight was listening to the Phil O'neal show on triple m, and someone had written in saying how much they like the format of the show (which is partly talkback). I actually have to agree. I dislike talkback as a rule, but there's something about this particular show that's considerably more interesting to me than any others around.
3. Actual books or books-on-tape (or e-books)?
I don't do much reading.. if I had books available on tape I'd probably listen to them in the car, but otherwise real books
4. Actual newspaper, or web version?
Web version .. when I read anything, which is rare
5. Wall Street Journal or National Enquirer?
Sydney Morning Herald or Daily Telegraph? Stoopid american questions again.
6. TV news...news channel such as CNN, or your local broadcast news?
I only get local (sydney) news.
7. A movie you've been looking forward to seeing gets bad reviews all around. See it anyway, or pass?
I'd most likely see it anyway, unless I couldn't find anyone to go with (which happens more often that not anyway)
8. See movies when they first come out, or wait a few weeks for the lines at the theater to get shorter?
I like seeing them fairly early - you get the better cinemas that way
9. TV: cable, satellite dish, or just plain old antenna?
I still have the old-fashioned antenna
10. Thought-provoking question of the week: If you had to choose only one form of media to come into your home, which would you choose...print (newspapers, magazines) or electronic (TV, internet)? Why?
Electronic. Everything you need is on the internet, why would you need paper? :)

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