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Mind Changing

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After trying on some of the jewellery I bought last year for the wedding, I changed my mind and decided to buy a different necklace.  It won't quite match the earrings, but it'll be a bit closer that the other ones I had.

Was also going to cut up my own material for making bomboniere, but decided I didn't have enough and it wouldn't be as nice, so copped out bought some pre-made ones off ebay.

Called four florists today.  One didn't do bouquets, another was booked out, and the other two didn't answer.  That was as much as my Asperger's brain could deal with on one day, so will have to try again during the week.

Busy doing up the order of services.

Still far too many things to organise... :/

One Month To Go...

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So the price of gold is trading at over $1000USD/ounce.


For years whenever I paid attention it was around the $300-$400 mark.  Then just as we're getting engaged, the price skyrockets.

So now our wedding rings are going to cost a small fortune.


btw, thinking all of this is far too hard and expensive.  Shoulda just eloped.

Cake Topper..

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Lego Wedding Cake Topper


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Busy picking music to be played at our wedding reception... It's harder than it sounds..


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Well the bulk of our invitations got mailed out today.  Still a few people left we're still trying to find addresses for. 

Now can go back to planning the *rest* of the wedding....
I have to apologise to my friends who I just can't invite to the wedding.. There's a whole stack of people I'd really like to invite but just can't because of numbers.  Also it's a case if I was to invite one person on these lists, I'd need to invite several more.  As it is I'm already worried about offending people :( 


At someone from Stu's work's recommendation, we made a special trip out to Fyshwick to look in the Fyshwick Newsagency.  They close at 12:30pm.  We arrived at 12:38pm.

!@#$^ !?!?

Seriously who the f@#% closes at 12:30 on a Saturday??  I was so pissed off.  And they were still inside and just looked at me when I looked hopefully at them.  I swear they will *never* get my business.

Fortunately Officeworks had most of what we needed to get our invitations printed.  The main paper we used is kinda shimmery and looks quite good.  The only downer was not being able to get similarly shimmery backing card.  So it's kinda boring.  We're gonna post them from NSW on Monday.

I also asked Officeworks about a hard drive we'd sent for repair/replacement *last year*.  It had bad blocks on it so we wanted it replaced.  But after we'd formatted it, it doesn't show up as having bad blocks anymore does it?  Officeworks don't understand the concept of removing and recreating the partition before doing this, even after I told them.  After I had talked to them in December, it sounded like they might actually get the drive replaced, but then I never heard back from them.  When I picked it up today, the card in it just said "Tested, ok".  What a bunch of buttholes.  Of course it's more than a year old now, so chances of getting it replaced are pretty low.  *sigh*

And Stu's fish-eating test appears to be a failure :(


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Seriously just stop!!

I get home, do some housework, cook dinner, eat dinner while watching tv, go for a walk, do the washing up, talk to the mother for an hour (!!) on the phone and suddenly it's 10pm and I've next to nothing to show for the night. 

Went hunting today to find some nice paper/envelopes to use for the invitations.  Looked in like five different places.  Nothing.  Canberra sux sometimes.

Maybe I'll just send everyone an email to invite them to the wedding. 


Productive day

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Had a relatively productive day today.  Well at least I got the first draft of my wedding invitations done.  We also went shopping.  And I cooked a spectacular lamb roast. 

Still stressing about how much I have to do tho.  And figure out a guest list.  Blah.

Cake Topper

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Had a relatively productive morning.  But then went out for coffee/lunch, and started getting stressed about being out all day (which is what so often happens here on the weekends).  So came home and planned and bought materials for my Lego cake topper :)

I was originally inspired by Eric Harschbarger (my hero), and have modified the design a bit.

It should look amazingly cool, aside from the extreme geekiness of it :)

Also did more work on the invitation designs (hampered by my complete lack of creativity).
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