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Coast Weekend

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Had a nice weekend at the coast last weekend.

Headed down Friday afternoon/evening.  

Wind turbines

Stopped for pizza in Malua Bay at the Sandy Foot Cafe.  Decided to eat in, and had a "Big Mama".

Big mama pizza

The others had arrived just before us, but they let us have "our" room.. very sweet of them :)

Proceeded with the challenge of a keg in a weekend.  But I didn't have to put too much effort into it - got quite a bit of help from Dave and some from Stu :)  After a bit of Wii Sports Resort we had a spa til 2:30 until the dog really needed to go to sleep.


On Saturday morning I started a 3D jigsaw of a church and had an early snack lunch before heading up to Myrtle Beach for a swim.  It was *soooo* beautiful!!  Except for all the seaweed on the beach, but that was a totally minor thing.  The water was beautiful and warm and crystal clear, I was kicking myself I didn't bring our snorkels.  We caught a little (1.5cm) fish in our hands, and a similar sized squid or cuttlefish baby.  And a little black worm thing.  One of the best ocean swims I've ever had.  

Myrtle Beach

Headed back to the house for more food and jigsaws.  I finished the 3D one and started on a "mystery" one - it comes with a story and you have to look at the picture (once it's finished - there's no picture on the box) to solve the mystery.  Finished that while the others cooked up a storm on the barbeque.  We finished the keg at 6:30pm - WTF?? :)  Good thing Dave had brought some kirin :)  Ate dinner by candlelight for earth hour (even though supposedly candles produce more greenhouse gasses than electric lights - fail! heh)  Only stayed up in the spa til 12:30 :)

3D church jigsaw
View from the house

Sunday I started another jigsaw - one I got off freecycle recently.  Played a bit of Wii as well (Super Mario Bros for Wii - still didn't like it any better the second time around).  Cleaned up and headed home mid afternoon (via The Scottish Restaurant).  It was so fricken humid at the coast that it was bliss to sit in an air conditioned car for a while!  Was pretty grumpy that I missed the airport open day.  Think I'll cancel whatever plans I have next time..  But otherwise a very nice weekend.
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