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This trip was organised last year, and they wanted us to come for a whole week, but we both would have gone stir crazy, so just went down Wednesday morning to Saturday morning.

Arrived around lunch time, and made ourselves some toasted sandwiches.  The house is huge - lots of living space, three full bathrooms, but only four bedrooms.  Very well equipped though.

Living room
Some time after lunch some of us headed down to the local beach (the little one at the north end of Malua Bay area).  Went for a snorkel and saw lots of cool fish, and then had a good long swim with a giant stingray - was awesome!  Then it decided to swim away, so I couldn't keep up with it :)

Came back for beer o'clock, and had a couple of awesome roasts (pork and lamb) for dinner.  Unlocked all the cups on Noah's DS, and later we watched Star Trek.

On Thursday it was quite overcast.  It was Lily's birthday so we went to Mogo Zoo (see separate link for pictures).  Note to self:  don't try to go to any of the keeper talks next time!  All the hoards of people were mostly doing the same thing in the same order, so you just couldn't move in the place.  The pathways are all so narrow and it was stiflingly humid and a bit rainy and so we all got peopled out very quickly.  So much so that we didn't even have the energy to see all of the zoo.  Headed back to the house for a big lunch of stirfry and chicken kebabs.

Got completely bored out of my brain in the afternoon.  Was totally kicking myself that I didn't bring jigsaws or other things for me to do.  And whenever I went anywhere near the Wii, all the kids would jump up and want to play too (even when they were all otherwise occupied).  Since there were only two wiimotes, it wasn't very practical to play with more than two.  It was all a bit frustrating.  Had a bit of a meltdown and went and hid for a while.  

Later in the afternoon sat around and nibbled junk food while having a little party for Lily.

Lily party

Had some beer, then they got chinese takeaway, but we were all still full from lunch and the party that we didn't get much.  Tried to teach Potty Monty Python Fluxx but he just didn't "get" it so that was a bit of a fizzer.  Had some wine and watched some of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and started to feel better.

Friday we headed down to the Tomaga River with the boat.  Except Stu and Annie kept on driving past the turn off, so we thought they'd missed it.  Waited and waited for them to realise they'd lost us and turn around but they never did.  So we went driving to try and find them.  Eventually we saw them and thought they were following us, but then they turned off *again*.  We couldn't understand it and it was very frustrating.  Eventually we gave up and went to the river.  The others turned up shortly after - turns out they'd just decided to go for a drive.  It would have been nice if they'd told us they were going to do this so we didn't stress out about it :/  Not happy Jan!

Went for a little putter up the river on the boat with Potty

Potty on the boat
Water bird on the river
George Bass Drive bridge
Rope swings
The rest of the gang on the beach
Stu and I swam across the river to get to the sand flats on the other side, but hadn't considered how hard the shallow muddy reed beds would be to get across.. oops.  But saw lots of shell fishy thingies, and a soldier crab (a dog had scared all the birds away).  Crossed the river again downstream where there were no reeds :)

We left some time before the others, and couldn't get the key to work on the front door (it does work, but is very fiddly).  Wandered around the back of the house to see if there was another lock it would work on, only to find the back bathroom door wide open .. oops..

Nibbled on some random food.  Later in the afternoon Potty and I went snorkelling again, but it was quite rough, and lots of churned up gunk in the water, so couldn't see much (not that there was that much to see anyway - most of the fishies must have been in hiding).

Finished off the beer.  Kerry made pizzas for dinner, but none of us were particularly hungry.  Watched Flightplan on tv.

Saturday morning was pack up and go home.  The fridge was still *full* of food - probably enough for another week :/  So of course half of it got thrown out :/  I won't mention the dishwasher incident.  *sigh*  Was only too glad to go home basically.  Although we did stop into The Scottish Restaurant so Stu could get some brunch.  Finally home around lunch time.
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