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Today I got a piece of comment spam on an old blog entry spamvertising an Australian company.

I was appalled.  I expect this sort of behaviour from overseas "companies" and fly-by-nights and your other general dregs of the internet.

But for an Australian company to stoop so low as to use comment spam to increase their Google rankings is just pathetic.

If I lived in Adelaide there's certainly no way I'd ever be a customer!

You have provided an incredible resource.

Commenter name: Mini Bins Adelaide 
Commenter email address: mikerector@gmail.com
Commenter URL: http://<url removed>/
Commenter IP address:

Bunch of lowlife spammers!


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So Optus really need to work on their call centre policies.

I hate being cold called by telcos at the best of times, but today I got a call that put me on the wrong foot right from the beginning, so took it out on the poor Optus guy that called me today.  Ok so he was probably from a call centre in India somewhere, but whatevs.

So firstly he calls up and asks to speak to my maiden name.  And I'm like "Where did you get that information from? If you're really from Optus you must know that I changed my name years ago".  To which there was some confusion and a bit of back and forth before he finally came back and said, oh, my married name.  Yep, good going there Sherlock.  

Next up he reads out my address but then asks for my birthday "for security purposes".  And I'm like "dude, really, you're cold calling me and asking for my birthday?".  Yes I know that's often how they do things at telcos but in this day and age of identity theft it's a completely stupid policy.  So I refused.  Why should I make this any easier for them?

OK so fine, he starts saying "oh so the reason I'm calling.." and I'm like "You want to sell me something?" and he's like "oh I just wanted to ask about your service".  But because I wouldn't give him my birthday he said he couldn't look into the "specifics" of my account.  That's nice.  So I said (actually repeated a couple of times), that if Optus wanted to improve my "service" they'd fix the crappy 3G reception we get in Canberra.  And he's all like "oh we're working to improve coverage".  Yeah.  Sure.

So basically a complete waste of everyone's time.  

Dear Optus:  please fix your call centre policies about this sort of thing.  Thanks!

Today sucked

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Stressed all day and depressed all night.

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