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Dear Snowgum

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Dear Snowgum,

Your products are fail.

Case in point:

Snowgum bags suck
This backpack is a week old.  Eight days I think.


Also hate

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  • Neighbours that park on the nature strip, especially on bin night when I have put my bin where their car is.
  • Cobwebs.

I hate clothes shopping.  I hate bra shopping.  I hate having no fashion sense whatsoever.  I hate my stoopid body and the fact that *nothing* looks good on me or fits well.  I hate clothing alterations stores that charge more to alter something that the something is actually worth.  I hate sellers on ebay that lie in their product descriptions so you end up buying totally the wrong thing.  I hate having to call strangers.  I hate mess.  I hate Optus' coverage in Canberra. 


I Hate Everything

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