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I'll put it out there.  I F@#$%ING HATE RETWEETS!!!!!  The ones that have some random showing up in my Twitter timeline.. I F@#%ing hate it@!!!!!  I've Googled ways to try and stop it but they all say just go to a user, find the retweet icon for them and click it... but this icon doesn't exist!!! Why has Twitter removed this??? Am I just looking in the wrong place?????

I've already unfollowed a few people for retweeting and just followed the RSS feed instead (which doesn't have retweets in it).  The catch is the people that are private I have no choice with, or you see all the one-sided conversational tweets they post which are almost as useless.



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I was going to post some Queensland stuff, but after putting washing away, doing another load of washing, making up the spare room bed, having dinner, watching two episodes of Masterchef, running the dishwasher and doing some UK planning, it's suddenly very late.

Really not looking forward to the next week and a bit.  Stress at work, work on the weekend, the parents coming this weekend, as well as being on call til next Thursday means no real downtime (aside from the obvious "down" time).  I don't like that.
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