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End of an era?

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So today they tell me that the server that my cia.com.au email address is hosted on is about to be shut down forever.  I've had this email address for fourteen years!!  While I knew this day was coming, it was all a bit sudden when it actually happened.

So now I'm a bit stuck.  They can put a forward on my mail (for how long?) but all my domain mail is hosted there too.    So I have to try and figure out what to do with it all in the next few days :(
I'd use Gmail, except that it doesn't have as friendly an address (there's no kazza in it) ... 
Just found out that they might be able to move my domain mail to where my websites are hosted .. so at least that'll keep everything together which would be good..  will probably end up using my kazza.id address for my personal mail...
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