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Vent Part 2

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I should add this to the other week's Friday Q list: Static Electricity. I *hate* it with a vengeance. At the moment the weather is really dry, I'm wearing a polyester/cotton jumper, and the new shoes I have must be pretty well insulating or something, because every time I get out of the car I get a massive ZAP. I can even see the sparks in broad daylight. Even if I put my hands on metal before putting my feet on the ground I still get zapped. It pisses me off severly!!

But anyway. On a lighter note CIA had a lovely night out at Abhi's Indian Restaurant. Many many photos were taken on my camera, although probably half of them not by me! Daniel and a few of the others had turns playing with it. Haven't downloaded the pics yet, but there are some classic shots in there!

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